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windows xp and windows xp professional(service pack 2)?

windows xp and windows xp professional(service pack 2): are they different VERSIONS of windows xp? if they are, then what is the difference?

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    yes they are different. windows xp is just simpler compared to xp pro service pack 2; besides, xp pro service pack 2 is much more stable and have more features compared to an ordinary xp. and as of today when it comes to compatibility issue there are lot of programs that require xp pro service pack 2 to run. mostly are those latest softwares and games.

    the advantage only of windows xp is it's simple and require lesser requirement that makes your computer run faster but not that much good as xp sp2 in stability and features.

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  • DrDave
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    Yes.XP home doesnt have all the bells and whistles XP professional has. XP home is merely a stripped down version.

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    of direction that's going to nonetheless be authentic. provider %. 3 is the end results of all updates formally launched by using microsoft. so that's no longer a pirated utility or a software which will make your utility pirated. as long as you acquire it formally from microsoft you would be fantastic. what's extra is which you will patching up a lot of risk-free practices holes on your os. so it will be good.

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  • short answer, yes. pro has more features for business types, regular xp has the basics and is manily used for stay at home moms and poor ppl. google it to see exactly what each has

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