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golden swirls in my urine?

Serious question. Golden swirls in urine. Serious, wth. Only thing outta norm is not having a period for 2 months. No, I am not preggers. Anyone heard of or seen this before?

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    "Golden swirls" are simply a higher concentration of urine. When you get the right amount of water in your system, your urine should be a very light yellow to clear. This is showing that your kidneys are working correctly and efficiently and the water is diluting the waste that they filter from your body.

    When you don't hydrate like you should or go several hours without urinating, your urine will be dark yellow to light yellow with "golden swirls." This is primarily the waste from your kidneys and very little water. This is bad for your kidneys. It won't kill you, but it could lead to kidney infections and urinary tract infections in the future, especially if you're sexually active. A sign with this higher concetration of urine is a burning pain when you urinate.

    Just drink more water and go to the bathroom often. Nothing at all serious.

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    A urinary tract infection could cause pus to show up in urine. That's all i can think of, but if there are no other symptoms, then it's probably not the case.

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