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Dog section: Anyone else extremely bored?

I'm so bored, and Tobbles is being boring and doesn't want to play or go for a walk.

What made you want a dog/get involved with dogs?


For me it was when I was little we had an ACD, and everytime I'd go to my dads and he'd get angry and drunk, I had my dog, he made everything better, and always made it not as scary, funny how our dogs do the smallest things & they make the biggest impacts on our lives.

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    You are not "Extremely" bored until you are at my grandma's house for a few days with no dogs or no computer on a rainy day with NOTHING you haven't already done... I was SO bored it wasn't even FUNNY! Good thing my aunt has internet. :)

    Legit - Well, Y!A is what made me REALLY into dogs. But before that, feeding Chuckles (which I thought was boring at the time) in order for us to get another dog... but now, I love feeding both our dogs!

    Edit - Curtis M, I'll take him/her for a week until I'm back home!!!

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    Bored, can't sleep ... and hanging out on the dog board. I believe if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I may have been a dog in a past life. I have never not loved them and never not wanted one or two or three. I love every breed, finding each personality so unique and then each dog within the breed unique. The one thing that has always held true with every dog I have known, they are far more loyal and trust-worthy than any man or woman. They do not judge. And we, as humans, may get upset, say things we really should not say and hurt others ... or get our own feelings hurt and respond. A dog may get their feelings hurt but they always come right back at you with love. The truest friend possible. Who wouldn't want a dog?

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    Yah!!! very very bored.

    Never not had a dog... Barely know life with out one, the passion probably came from my dad (the reason why we had dogs) he's a nasty person to humans (JERK!!! lol) but to his dogs, I have never seen him look so content, happy and in admiration except when he is with his dogs. I guess I saw how dogs can make some one who is so angry seem so harmless and happy. Dogs were the ONLY thing my father and I bonded over, the only time the both of us were happy being together is if it involved dogs, we'd put up with each other (talking as a child here)

    I guess I've kind of held onto those memories now that I don't see him any more.

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    Adopted at 3 mos old into a home with a dog. Have had one (and many) ever since. When I was 5 yrs. old, the TV show "Lassie" would come on every week. I used to become HYSTERICAL telling Lassie to "come home"....try explaining to a 5 yr. old that it is just a show.........Ever since then, I felt a strong connection to animals. My whole life has revolved around Street Rescue. Ton's of stories.....over 2000 picked up from everywhere I went.. It was the running joke..."what did you rescue today", was uttered by so many that did not share in my passion for animals. It did not matter where I was....Wedding, funeral, business trip, vacation, on way to work, etc.....they were there....Some simply showed up at my door scratching, barking, whining. They all know where to go. I have felt them coming, all of my friends are aware of this gift. I feel blessed to have been a small part of a big problem.....lost, abandoned, neglected, abused animals roaming this earth.

    So, how could I not help and work in the wonderful world of Dogs!

    PS: I still cry if I hear the old "Lassie" theme song...

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    Bored to tears.

    For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a dog. I have no clue why, but it could have had something to do with all the dog stuffed animals I had and the Dalmatian puppies on my wall on my crib when I was a baby, which might have impacted me for life.

    When I was smaller, I was constantly begging for a dog. I tried to prove I was ready for a dog(my schemes never worked). For a couple of days I even woke up in the morning, early, tied a string to this big block I had with wheels, and walked it around the block (DEFINITELY not enough exercise, but hey, I was 7). The second I got home from school, I ate dinner, did my homework, and went to bed (I didn't have an alarm clock, so I had to wake myself up naturally). I knew NOTHING about spaying and neutering, good breeders, shelters, good food, good grooming, anything. My only goal was to have a cutsie wootsy puppy I could hug and hold to death.

    I was always hoping, wanting, and wishing for a dog. Even after I got my first birds, even after I got a bit smart and more mature, I still wanted a dog.

    And then came.....Foxy.

    Foxy was a male(I know, the name doesn't make sense) Papillion puppy that I babysitted for two weeks. My parents woke me up in the morning to walk her, which I admit was kind of fun, but not waking up early, and neither the poo cleaner job. And she was so dang hyper! Puppies are energetic by nature, but man...she was all over the place! she did have monets where she chilled, but she could be very active.

    Foxy knocked some real sense into me, and my want for a dog vanished completely. I focused on birds, a pet my parents agreed on.

    And then, in June this year... it came back.

    The want for a dog. It creeped on me, unexplainably, swiftly, with no reason.

    I thought, hey, what the heck, I'll at least try and show I'm responsible enough.

    Well...didn't work. And to this day, I STILL want a dog, and may hopefully get one in the following years. By then I hope to show I'm responsible enough.


    Sorry for my spheal, I am, as stated, bored to tears. :p

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    I'm bored but it's 6.30am and went to bed too early last night hence why I am wide awake now. :S I still feel hungover from a couple of nights ago even though I only had a bit of wine. Feel like I've got a virus ugh.

    I have no idea what made me want to get involved with dogs/get a dog but I just know I love them. It *might* be something to do with the fact that I was never allowed one when I was kid.

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    Too busy to be bored today but grabbed a couple of minutes to have a coffee & look where I am!

    I'm a dog person to the bone, always wanted one, but was maddeningly allergic to dogs, which seem an insurmountable obstacle until I found the Bedlington Terrier, with its wool type coat. When my allergy disappeared, my dream of owning my first Dobermann was realised.

    The more I learn about dogs, the more I want to learn about dogs!!

    I have also discovered that dogs are addictive & a third is planned for 2010!!

  • YES im bored.

    I have another half hour before I go see my girlfriend :D

    Always have loved dogs, but Horses were (and are) my passion. I loved horses for YEARS, rode whenever I could. We always lived in Apartments, so no dogs. Finally, we decided that we just HAD to have a dog. So we settled on the Aussie breed, and bought her from a breeder. We wanted to get into showing right away, without me knowing anything, LOL. We just knew that "all kids should grow up with a dog". It took three tries before we snatched a worthy girl. 2 females my mom had looked at before Piper were sold out from "under us"- She was inquiring, and the peopledecided to sell the puppy to someone else. The 3rd one, my mom saw the parents and practically threw a deposit at the breeder. So thats how Piper came into our life.

    My love for dogs has bloomed since I began working at a Dog Groomer's shop in August. My Bosses are now my Breeding Mentors, and i have become friends with both of them. I have gotten involved in my hidden passion- Horses will always be my favorite, but Dogs are more obtainable at this point in time... I have the abillity to have a small kennel of high quality dogs on my property as of current- I cant have a horse. When I move away from home, I STILL cant have a horse, due to expenses and location- Ill be far more likely to own dogs in the future, at least until Im married and have a property of my own. My girlfriend wants to move to Europe! hehehe

    Source(s): You helped me kill 7 minutes :D
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    I felt a connection with dogs (and other animals) that were abused and abandoned. I understand what it's like to have everyone give up on you and write you off as a lost cause or damaged goods just because you've somehow wound in bad situations or circumstances.

    Working as a foster caretaker and rehabilitating troubled dogs gives me great joy. If they can let go of their tumultuous past and not worry about the future, just simply enjoy the present, so can I. Dogs don't hate or stab you in the back; they love you when you tell them the worst thing you've done in your life just as they do when you tell them the best thing you've ever done in your life. Dogs don't care about appearance or status.

    Dogs are my teachers and inspiration. Rescuing and rehabilitating gives me a purpose.

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    My dogs are my life, I wake up thinking about them and fall asleep with them still on my mind. Whatever I am doing, they are always top concerns. Boyfriends, parents, and even friends, they can get angry with you and put you down, but a dog is always there for you. Best buddy.

    Here in New Zealand it's 1 in the morning and all I hear is my dogs snoring on the floor, dreaming of hunting rabbits.


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