Jostein Gaarder book?

ok so there is a quote in Jostein Gaarder's book Maya

"There exists a world. In terms of probability, this borders on the impossible." --Maya

i'm not actually sure what it means? can someone interprete it please

ohh and i'm currently reading the orange girl and love it

what other books should I read by him? I am going to read sophie's world after

or any other books not by gaarder but by another author.

thank you :)

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    I will be following your answers to find out the meaning of that.

    I haven't read "Maya" by him yet however I loved his "The Solitaire Mystery" and "The Christmas Mystery" and also "Brief Life" which is also translated as "That Same Flower"

    and "The orange girl" is pretty good too!

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    You can look here, my site about Jostein gaarder.

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