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How much whole milk should a 12 month old have a day? I have been weaning her for a couple of weeks.?

Her doctor said with me nursing he can't really give me an certain amount. She drinks her milk from a cup and will not take it from a bottle. I did sometimes use formula which she drank from a bottle. She is not really interested in nursing much anymore and if she won't drink the milk from a bottle even if I warm it. How much milk and how often do I give her? Thank you

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    16-24 ounces daily. I hope that's not all she's eating though b/c at that age my daughter was eating table food (but she also had 8 teeth, a lot more than most children that age).

    Daily intake:

    At 1 yr milk should only be given: 6-8 ounces in morning and another 6-8 ounces before bed.

    The other fluids consist of 100% fruit juice 2 oz. twice a day AND water 2-4 oz. twice a day

    She should be eating things like: Toast, Dryed cereal, bagels, rolls, plain muffins, cooked rice, and noodles (2-3 small servings)

    Cooked mashed veggies or soft bite-sized pieces (1/4 cup twice a day)

    Soft fruits like bananas, pears, peaches, melons, pinapples - canned fruit in water or juice (not syrup!) - All in soft bite-sized pieces (1/4 cup twice a day)

    Strips of tender lean meats like chicken, fish, ground or chopped meats, and cheese strips (1 oz or 1/4 cup, twice a day)

    Source(s): This list comes from my states program on how to take care of your child. And the experience as a Mother of a 2 yr old, pregnant w/ # 2, and A LOT of research.
  • When I switched my daughter to whole milk she was having about 3 bottles in a 24hr period, that is morning noon and night. One after breakfast, one just before her afternoon nap and one before betime. I think about 600mls all up. If she is comfortable with drinking from a cup than try giving it to her that way, it doesn't need to be in a bottle. Remember there are other ways to get her calcium into her as well such as yoghurt and cheese. I'm not sure what country you live in but here in New Zealand we have milo which is like a hot chocolate drink and putting about half a teaspoon of that into babies bottle with the milk was a great way to get them drinking from the bottle but isn't something I would recomend doing constantly. Just keep preservering and it will all work out in the end :)

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    Milk is just a drink, not a breast milk or formula substitute. There's no reason she needs any specific amount daily, and absolutely no reason she needs it from a bottle. Let her drink some milk when it goes well with the meal and don't worry about it. As long as she is eating a healthy diet, and especially as long as she's still nursing, there's no nutritional benefit from the milk that she needs.

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