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support from members of the church of latter day saints?

now i've been reading the book of mormon,doctrine of covenants and pearl of great price. and it speaks to me,in my heart i think the book of mormon and the bible are words of god. now i've been getting a lot of crap from people who disagree. being talked about,spit on etc.... now i would like some support from people who believe in these books,anything would be greatly appreciated..... i need some cheering up :(

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    You totally have my support. *does the cheer dance*

    The church epically changed my life, I promise, and is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Leave all the crap I do and say in YA behind, I don't mean it and do it to entertain my friends. But I can testify to you that the church is true and that the BoM is the word of God.

    Don't give up because some people are looking down at you for believing in the church. I'm a convert (2 years) and I know what you're going through. Politely tell your peers that you find happiness in this and that you'd appreciate it if they had some respect for something that is sacred to you. The ones that truly. love you will respect your decision.

    I found the church when I was 17 years old and I felt like a total void in life, I was sure that my life made no sense and yes, I had suicidal thoughts every once in a while. I knew that there was a God somewhere but I just felt so far from him and prayed that he helps me find his true church. Irony or not, shortly after I started those prayers Mormons missionaries knocked on my door and kept coming religiously at the same time and the same day every week. I baptized and I don't regret. When you truly feel the spirit you feel like you're the happiest person in earth. My life has been really blessed since then and I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me, that he loves me and that I have a really good reason to be here. And that's not just for me, that's for you too and everybody else in the world.

    Just so you know, YA is not really the best place to ask a question like this. You may have realized it already because of all the messed up answers you got. Thanks to YA I delayed my baptism for months, I got so much misleading information here. But not everything is bad, there are many inspiring members of the church here, I have lots of respect for so many of them and they've helped me grow my testimony. Befriend all the YA Ducks (most YA Mormons have "Duck" in their name.. some philosophy that I still don't understand haha) and the others that are Mormons, we'll be happy to answer your questions and give you tons of support ^_^

    Best of luck!

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    Oh actually I remember a teacher telling me once that the church had said this on name respect and ettiquite: We can be called "Mormons" and it's okay. and we can say you are a "Mormon" and I am a "Mormon". "Mormonism" is also okay, because that is our "ism." we couldn't say we practice Latter-Day-Saintism, see? what they don't want us to call it is "the Mormon church" or "I am a part of the LDS Church." As for "LDS," because the whole acronym would be so long it would defeat the purpose, "LDS" alone is fine. By stating that we are LDS, we imply that we are latter day saints of the Church of Jesus Christ. It still is proper and shows respect. Even though many other names acceptable, of course the most respect would indeed be to state that we are members of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints." Or just "we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" to simplify haha. hope that was understandable and that it helped! have a good night!

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    I befriended a young man while going to college. He was Jewish and became interested in The Book of Mormon. He believed it was true and wanted to be baptized. His parents had a fit - they threatened to disown him. He loved his parents and was faced with an impossible choice. In the end, he decided to put God first, and I baptized him. Fortunately for him, his parents didn't disown him.

    When people rail against the church, it is usually out of fear. They fear what they don't understand. It is our own righteous actions that usually calm their fears. If the gospel makes us into better people, then people will see the change in us, and they might not be afraid any more.

    Your heavenly father loves you, and although at times you may feel alone, he is only a prayer away. I can tell you that greater things away you - things well beyond what you are currently expecting. The church is true, and within it is the power of God. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. You will be rewarded with blessings beyond your current comprehension.

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    Just about everyone does at some point or another. I remember a lot of stuff I got when I was 6 and just innocently didn't agree with someone and they found out I was Mormon. Adults can be very cruel...

    This is not where I go to get cheering up though, the spirit here is one of contention, which is of the devil. I know something that cheers me up is to just remember, this is not 1830, and we're not just 6 people anymore.

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    It happens to everyone.

    It happened to the Savior.

    Satan reserves his greatest opposition for those who come anywhere near this gospel.

    And unfortunately the world is in such a state that often times the opposition comes from those closest to us as well.

    John 15: 18, 24-25

    18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

    Read D&C 121 & 122

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    The closer you get to God, the more Satan will try to intervene. If you are associating with people who aren't supportive and they are close to you, its time to maybe have a talk about mutual respect of people's beliefs. If you aren't close to them, mind what influences you let in your life. Think of Lehi's dream and the building of people mocking and laughing and belittling the conviction of people trying to do the right thing.

    Its always worth it.

  • be of good cheer, I would say these things shall pass but they won't. study your scriptures and pray and fast every month at least one day a month, and fellowship weekly with your fellow members and you will gain strength to with stand the worldly tide of mean ness

  • Remember what the Savior said in a prayer to the Father as He was dying "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."

    People haven't got a clue, and many of them don't want to get a clue. Rise above that, and don't be afraid. What matters, opinions of people, or a relationship with your Savior? You know what's important--so forget what isn't.

    Here's a hug!!!! (((((((((()))))))))))))

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    You really believe the 'gold tablet' story? C'mon, it's just too far fetched. But you are free to believe whatever you want to believe. Nobody should spit on you because of your faith. As a logical person, I just can't buy the golden tablet Joe Smith story. What happened to the tablets? Did Joe lose them?

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    Stick your head in a bowl. Maybe you'll get some divine answers that way.

    Source(s): Joseph Smith
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