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is it true filipinos eat dogs???? and is it true that philippines is a poor country?

is it ture filipinos eat dogs and is it true that philippines is a poor country please i need to know and tell me why they eat dogs and why philippines is a poor country

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    some eat dog , not all . Philippines is a very poor country in part because of corruption , lack of good education , lack of discipline , lack of work ethics , and overpopulation

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    Although the Filipino "tigas ng ulo" ( hard headed ) attitude is very common so I understand your question I do NOT believe this attitude is dominant nor the primary reason for widespread poverty in the Philippines. After living here so many years I have come to believe the widespread happiness and contentment amongst Filipinos whether rich or poor leads to such poverty. Of course there are many other reasons like both local and international politics where it's probably in the interest of USA foreign policy and the Filipino wealthy, educated abroad elite that the Philippines remains a developing nation aka "third world" poor country.

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    Many Filipinos, more particularly those who are in rural areas, really eat dogs. But in my knowledge, since the government have advice Filipinos regarding the danger of rabies, many people who eat dogs at that time have stopped.

    In your question regarding the economic condition of the Philippines, well, I can say that the Philippines is one of the richest country in the world when it comes with natural resources and economic competency. However, because of massive corruption in the government, local and national, the consequence of this treason is the poverty of those who are defenseless, poor people- the people who have no voice in the society and the people who are suffering because of the acts they have never committed.

    The Philippines is one of the most competent economies in the world and one of the developing countries as well. But as progress comes, corruption suffocates moral progress- which is essential in building a nation which is under God.

    I'm a Filipino here in US discerning to be a Catholic priest someday.

    Pray for the poor of the world.

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    Yes Filipinos eat Dogs but not all.. Me I am a Filipino but i do not eat DOGS (yuck). Government is always telling to the people that Eating a meat of a Dog might bring your life to Danger. The Gov't can also put you into jail bec, there is a law for the rights of animals here in Phils. The meat of the DOG is served mostly in rural places when MEN having their SALU-SALO or INUMAN (party with beverages).

    Philippines is not really poor..

    Actually Philippines is now on the lower-middle income. but if we will compare it to past years of diff. administration we can say that we are moving to PROGRESS.

    but still, yes its bec. of Corruption, Population, Politics, Crisis (financial), Calamities keep Philippines to sink in MUD.

    Me , A fourteen year old boy... We do experience POVERTY. as a part of my Family i do always think for what can i do to help my Parents.

    and also AS A CITIZEN of the PHILIPPINES i will not ask our Government to what they can give to me otherwise I will keep asking myself on what can i do for my country. :)

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    Its an ethnic food in whole Asia not just the Philippines. People from other parts of the world think that eating dogs are taboo, but did they consider that they are in the other side of the continent and people have diff. tradition in terms of food.

    American eskimo chopped and buried the seal in the ground for one full week then they eat when its halfway rotten. Reason? They said meat are much sweeter than fresh.

    Louisiana on the bayou they are eating squirrel, river rat, snake and many more

    Italy, italian eat rotten chees w/ maggot on it. Reason? Delicacy

    So ethnic food are acceptable from diff corner of the world and some are weird.


    Is the Philippines poor?

    Well people are eating so they are doing good, unlike Rwanda.

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    I'm Filipino (American born).....Here is my opinion:

    *Is the Philippines a poor country? YES!!!!

    *Why is the country poor? Part of it is corruption, part of it is cheating, part of it is the upper class trying to keep the division of the classes, part of it is laziness of the people. There are a lot of different reasons as to why the country is poor, but from what I've stated there are just too many reasons.

    *Do they eat dogs? I've heard of provinces or remote areas where they actually eat dogs. Personally I've never actually witnessed it or experienced it myself. Nor do I want to. Just one of those sick crazy things that a few minority group of people do.

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    Im an American living in the Philippines, dont know if dog is eaten much here, but I ate dog in Mexico when I was there in the 70s.

    Poor when it comes to income, but not poor with nice people.

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    Dog meat has always been a part of diet in some provinces of the Cordilleras. Local folks been eating dog meat before the invention of TV and way long before dog has been acknowledged as 'man's best friend' by Westerners.

    Source(s): Someone's culture is somebody else's taboo.
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    Dog meat lovers/eaters are often partaken by drinkers/drunkards who make it their "pulutan", something served together with their hard liquor/drinks. Not all Filipinos eat dog meat, only about 1% of the total population do.

    And no, the country is not poor. We are rich - in natural resources, in manpower, in spirit and determination to survive the many pitfalls nature and man has created. We are rich in tradition, in values and nationalism. We may project as a poor country given the negative publicity people and other nations have of us but we're still standing.

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    Well, i for one am a full filipina.

    yes. in some rural areas, people eat dogs. [my neighbor ate mine cause he got run over by a truck]

    like i said. In rural areas. I've never eaten one but i think some people do because there is nothing else to eat. Now that doesn't mean that the Philippines is a poor country. The PI is a developing country, leaning more on the side of developed. Some people are just unlucky, just like the United states.

    Hope this helps!!!!!

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