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Can someone give me 2 funny and interesting facts about Ecuador?

Please!!!!!! By Sunday

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    •Ecuador has the highest active volcano on earth, Cotopaxi, which is 19,347 feet above sea level. It is located 60 km south of Quito and easily accessible by car just an hour drive from Quito. Because of it high altitude, Ecuador has several mountains and volcanoes that have snow all year round.

    •On September 8th, 1978, UNESCO declared the Galapagos Islands a Natural Heritage Site for its scientific prestige and to support the conservation efforts of its National Park.

    •Quito was officially founded in the year 1534AD making it one of the oldest cities in the Western Hemisphere.

    •Because Ecuador lies by the Equator, its temperatures remain fairly constant all year round affected mostly by the rainy season or drier weather. Although many assume that Ecuador is mostly warm, in its highlands, temperatures remain cool most of the year because of the high altitude.

    •Ecuador is the only Country in South America which uses the U.S. Dollar as its national currency. The former currency of Ecuador was the “Sucre” which was changed to the U.S. Dollar in 2000.

    •Quito, at 9,184 feet above sea level, is the second highest capital in Latin America after La Paz, Bolivia.

    •Ecuador has the highest number of species per square km in the world. There are 9.2 species per square km, which makes it one of the most bio-diversified places on the planet.

    •The Equator line divides the country into 2 hemispheres. Being that the Equator line crosses just a few miles north of Quito, it is also one of the few places in the world where you can actually stand in 2 hemispheres at the same time.

    •The Galapagos Islands are a place where you can admire endemic species, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

    •The Archipelago of Galapagos is of volcanic origin. Evolutionary scientists conclude that its islands emerged from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean more than 6 million years ago. This natural sanctuary is made of 13 main islands, 6 minor islands and more than 40 rocks and tiny islands.

    •Quito was the first city to be declared by UNESCO a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity for its rich history and well-preserved buildings and monuments.

    •In Ecuador the UNESCO declared two National Parks as National Patrimony of Humanity (The Galapagos Islands and The Sangay National Park) and two cities Cultural Patrimony of Humanity (Quito and Cuenca).

    •In Ecuador’s Amazon jungle, there are still groups of native Indians who have never seen the modern world. Because of its relatively small size, Ecuador is one of the only places in the world where it is possible to visit the Amazon jungle, Andean mountains and Pacific beaches all in one day.

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    Facts About Ecuador

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    The Panama hat is of Ecuadorian origin and guinea pigs are considered a culinary delicacy and if want a third fact, Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill etc was born in Ecuador.

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    Can someone give me 2 funny and interesting facts about Ecuador?

    Please!!!!!! By Sunday

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    Uh, how about that my English class just got done reading that play? That's a strange/interesting fact about the play Macbeth, technically... I really didn't like that book. Oh! The other day I was at the mall and there was a pair of shoes and the brand was "Macbeth". Anyway... I can't think of anything that your teacher wouldn't know, unless Wikipedia or cliffsnotes has anything. But... isn't "macbeth" like a bad luck term in the theater? Maybe you could put that.

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    Quito Ecuador Facts

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    The Equator Monument close to Quito is around 240 meters south than the real Equator Line.

    Otavalo city has still around 70% pure indigenous (indian) of their population. Beautiful dressed they are very proud of their culture. Origin Language: Quichua.

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    Funny: Ecuador they don't speak Chinese.

    Facts: Spanish is there National Language.

    Funny: Ecuador they don't have Horse(english)

    Facts: They have Caballo (spanish)

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    there s an island in the galapagos islands named after guy fawkes

    Isla Guy Fawkes


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