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Hi R&P, What would you title mountains splashing in pods (#66)?

(sorry, I got nothin. the song didn't give me much to work with and I wanted to avoid its direct subject)

Hi Everybody.

Here's the next installment of my Top 101 (mix tape rules) Countdown. Mix tape rules simply means that I can only use one song per act/band/artist. With it being Friday I thought I would put up the whole list so far.

101. the Violent Femmes - Add It Up

100. Unkle - Rabbit In Your Headlights

99. the Tyde - Henry VIII

98. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Runnin Down a Dream

97. They Might Be Giants - Road Movie to Berlin

96. the Stranglers - Golden Brown

95. the Vogues - 5 O'Clock World

94. Jethro Tull - New Day Yesterday

93. fIREHOSE - Anti-Masogyny Maneuver

92. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is This Love?

91. Drive Like Jehu - Here Come Rome Plows

90. Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

89. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

88. Yo La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome

87. Rocket From the Crypt - Killy Kill

86. Band f Horses - Wicked Gil

85. the Monkees - Randy Scouse Git

84. Echo and the Bunnymen - Do It Clean

83. the Starlight Mints - Black Cat

82. Devo - Gut Feeling

81. the Who - the Kids are Alright

80. the Carrie Nations - Find It

79. Andrew Bird - Imitosis

78. Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

77. Portishead - Cowboys

76. Tom Brosseau - Here Come the Water Now

75. Mos Def - Sex, Love and Money

74. the Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin

73. the Specials - Little B*tch

72. PJ Harvey - Me-Jane

71. R.E.M. - Welcome to the Occupation

70. Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

69. Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

68. Bruce Springsteen - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street

67. Jason Loewenstein - NYC III

Number 66 is a tune I like a lot because of the sort of fusion of a good catchy tune with a lot of the cool elements of good old fashioned indie rock. I won't stretch for it. I just think it's a great song.

the Breeders - Only in 3's

Youtube thumbnail

So what did you think? The Pixies or all of the acts that followed, or are you grateful for everything? What's your favorite Breeders tune?

Thanks a lot, as always everybody. I really appreciate you guys checking in and listening and giving your opinions. Thanks.

Happy Friday!


LOL Shades.

That could have worked. "Hi R&P, Oh Ah Ah Ah, Ah Ah Ah?" I bet it would have drawn some attention.

I'm glad you liked the tune.That's cool that you saw the Pixies. They put on a very good show when I got the chance to catch them.

Thanks a lot Shades. Happy Friday!

Update 2:

Never too late David. Thanks a lot for listening man. I'm glad you dug it.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Update 3:

Hey Red Devil.

Actually Fortunately Gone made the top 4 tunes that I was considering for them. I love that tune.

Thanks a lot man. Glad you like the choice. Have a great weekend.

Update 4:

Hi Smoochy.

Thanks man. I'm glad you liked the choice. Have a good one.

Hi Captain,

That is a very fair point. I guess it has to do with the line-up fluxuations over the years. Truth be told, I haven't heard more than a song or two of Throwing Muses (I have a Belly album that I think is ok) and I've never heard (until the link I will click) Josephine Wiggs other stuff. Jim Macpherson also was in GBV right?

You're right though, it is always about the Pixies and it really shouldn't be. Thanks for the links, I'll give them a listen.

Have a great weekend man. Thanks!

Update 5:

Hi Captain.

I really enjoyed the Perfect Disaster tune. Kind of Jesus and Mary Chains-y in a way, but different too. I liked it. I'll have to look a little deeper. Unfortunately the Throwing Muses tune gave me a "try again later" error message, but I'll do that and report back.

Thanks for the links man. Have a great weekend.

Hi TL.

Yeah, Pod is a really good one. I think I still have to go with Last Splash as my favorite, but depending on the day you could hear that, Pod, or Title TK out of me on the subject. All great records. Iris is a great track too. I like Oh also.

Thanks a lot man. Have a good one. Happy Friday!

Update 6:

Hi Captain.

I have gone to the itunes store and purchased the self titled Throwing Muses. Unfortunately, it's going onto my work computer and I probably won't be able to actually listen to it until Monday morning (I'm off in 15 minutes), but those wheels are in motion. Thanks for the tip. I'm excited to get to it.

Have a good one Captain!

Update 7:

Hi Shades.

Wow. That is quite the list of acts to catch for free. I've heard about people doing that, but I guess I never really thought about doing it. I actually have a friend who used to drive artists for the Hollywood Bowl and he has some pretty cool stories.

How was the Arcade Fire? I've heard they are really amazing live.

Hi Captain.

Oops. I guess I got the 2003 one. Oh well. I'm going to fire it up in a couple minutes and check it out. The reviews are pretty positive on the iTunes page.

I'll keep an eye out for the first one. I guess they don't sell it at the iTunes store.

Thanks a lot man. Have a good one.

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    the pixies this, the pixies that.

    i never realised that the breeders were kim deal's backing band. it's a shame no-one seems to credit throwing muses (tanya donelly) or the perfect disaster (josephine wiggs)

    anyway, back to the song - short, but perfectly formed. i like it.

    i don't really have a favourite breeders tune, but i'll throw out a couple from the aforementioned founder members:

    the perfect disaster

    Youtube thumbnail


    throwing muses

    Youtube thumbnail


    enjoy the weekend prof - let's hope there's no repeat of last weekend's butchery...


    you've only heard a song or two of throwing muses?

    i'm stunned. go and buy the debut, throwing muses, immediately.

    (shame that youtube have only got dubious quality live stuff and later material, and lastfm has nothing)

    the perfect disaster were on one of my favourite labels of the 80's - fire records. they released two very good albums, and one not so good. again, it's very hard to find much on t'internet


    great! you won't regret it. maybe i should have mentioned they also released an album titled throwing muses in 2003. i hope you got the 1986 one

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    I'd name it: Oh ah ah ahhhhh. :-)

    Nice song. Short. Sweet vocals...

    And I really know nothing about the Pixies or the Breeders.... Saw the Pixies a few years ago, tho, and liked them enough to buy a t-shirt... still have no albums, tho! hmmm.


    Thanks, Prof :-) And a very merry weekend to you, too!

    Yeah, you know a band is good when you're hearing their music for the first time live and they're rockin' it!! Because of volunteer ushering I've gotten to see so many groups that I wouldn't have ponied up the money to see, ya know, sight un-heard~ lol I've had lots of rich, musical experiences because of 'working' shows. Pixies; Bright Eyes was a high point; Arcade Fire; even Metallica, for crying out loud! Seriously, I knew practically none of their music when I worked a Stones show and they were the warm up band :-D It's been great.

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    Hey Prof, awesome pick! That song is probably my second favorite from Pod, after Iris. I'm really glad I finally picked up Pod though, it's one of the best albums I've heard in a while. Definitely my favorite from them, and maybe my favorite post-Pixies album. I just love the sound of the whole album (especially the drums), Steve Albini is a genius.

    edit: Kim Deal really does like saying 'oh', eh? lol. They even named a song Oh!

  • Red
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    Great song! I love the Breeders and Pod is an excellent album.

    My favourite Breeders song would probably be Fortunately Gone. It just has such a great pop-ish melody that makes you want to sing along to it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hello Prof !

    this is a great pick , man I haven't listend to The Breeders in a while !

    "Only in 3s, oh yeah" *sings along*

    Have a cool Friday !

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    Sorry I'm late today, but as always a great tune , and thanks for the link, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend

    take care


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