Is it just me or seems like most contemporary sell-outs (country songs) are everything except country?

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    It is not just you everyone I know is like "is this country music"

    If it doesn't sound country, it isn't country, and that is it.

    You can't make an orange become a banana, know matter how many times you call it one.

    And the same is true of music, you can't make pop music, country music, no matter how many times you say this is country singer _____, she/he is still pop, if they sing pop! It is about dollars and that is all it comes down. I was country when country wasn't cool and I am still country today!

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    No, it isn't just you. I was talking to comedian Tim Wilson about this very subject the other night. He had a song that said, "I like country music better back when it was ugly."

    People don't realize that country music -- until the money-hungry people took over -- was NEVER about pretty boys and hunky babes. It was an honest music performed by honest people. Hank Williams said, "You've got to have smelled an awful lot of manure before you can sing like a hillbilly." I doubt anyone calling themselves a "country singer" today knows which end of a bull provides the manure. I know which end of THEM provides it, though -- and it's all making its way into CD stores and onto "country" radio.

    Country music had, for nearly 75 years, evolved and "changed with the times" but NEVER NEVER NEVER at the expense of its heritage. As a result, country music that sold very well in the 1960s still sounded at home next to the country music from the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Now the rich history and heritage of country music is sitting in a garbage dump on Music Row and the record company CEOs are praying nobody finds it. Today you could not play a single song by any of these "hot" artists next to the Blue Sky Boys, Roy Acuff, Eddy Arnold, Webb Pierce, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Ricky Skaggs, and/or Alan Jackson without IMMEDIATELY recognizing that something is horribly amiss.

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    I know! I hate it! Where the he** did people like Skinnard, Cash, Patsy, Tanya, and Nelson go??? And I hate the whole over-night success crap. Nobody heard of Taylor Swift until 3 or so years ago and she's been popular for a while now. Its beyond lame!

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    Give me the Golden Oldies, Johnny Cash and Co. Every time ,This Cornpop Country of today is not for me

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    Coutry music has become a lot less traditional, but times change. Look at the outlaw movement. Look to when Reba, Randy Travis and George (to name a few big ones) brought country back to it's roots (circa Reba's "My Kind Of Country" cd) The artists change, as do what becomes popular. I blame radio more than anything. The traditional music I favor gets very little playing time now a days, but if you want Country done now, and Real Country music, listen to Lee Ann Womack. She is traditional, and one of the very very few artists who are now a days.

  • Maybe but i've listened to both and really i prefer most of the music now than it was before i can just Relate to it more. It's probably because im alot younger than you but still

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    no you're certainly not only one.i resent that what is called country today isn't country i'm an old country gal that grew up listening to real country

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    No it's not just you-- it has become about money and quantity before quality- A new song every week is not necessary if you put out a timeless quality song as the old well loved still classics are..

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    I agree. Nashville has turned over Country Music to the teenybobbers. But like all things there is a cycle. This one is bound to end....soon...I pray.

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    Shania Twain opened the door,Nashville let her in.

    The rest is History..POP History that is.

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