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why have liverpool got such a bad record of......?

..... bringing in great players just to end up getting rid of them straight away?

nicolas anelka, craig bellamy, robbie keane, peter crouch..... why the hell wud u sign these kinda' players and not keep them at ur club? the whole no1 can *** in for gerrard and torres malarve' is a load of crap 2 be honest wen u consider at one time they did actually have these type of players as perfect replacements. they bring in talent, don't give them any time what-so-ever 2 settle in and make an impact, decide 2 sell them almost as soon as they have signed them, and then watch them play brilliantly at other clubs at the same level???!!!! how can they not miss them???!!!! lol, serve them right i say, rafa is actually quite stupid the more i think about it. why dus he do these things? is rafa a gud manager or a bad manager? i think the question is obvious..... he sux!!!!!

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    Anelka was on loan, Bellamy Played a s**t for lfc plus money raised from selling him was used to buy torres so it was a good deal. Keane was just not that great goal scorer as expected, crouch is one dimensional player.

    No time to settle in; are you joking? We LFC Fans are always complaining of why so much chances are given to players like lucas?

    It is easier to criticise managers by just sitting in front of PC. No one said anything when he won champions league?

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    Because of the wonderful Agent Rafa, way back in the day Liverpool had the occassional failure but not the production line of them that Rafa has set up, of course Liverpool fans blame everything from The Sun (which admittedly crossed a line a few years back) to Manchester United for all their woes without realising the fat Spanish waiter is the cause.

    In Agent Rafa we trust.

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    I'll admit that benitez ain't the best manager during the transfer window but he has almost been working on a profit. It's the owners that are in debt not the club so it's not benitez's fault in that respect although he is so stupid for selling alonso and trying to use him as a scapegoat. He was what made gerrard and torres so good. Personally I think that we should take 30mil for mascherano and get a good holding midfielder as well as another striker that can score, we even sold sissoko as he was getting good! My choice would be Defoe and either Barry or yaya toure.

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    because Rafa has to find the funds from somewhere for transfers to keep improving the squad.

    Some of the players you mentioned he wanted to keep but had to sell because either they wanted guaranteed first team football or he needed the money.

    Liverpool have spent a net of only 7mill per transfer window with the rest of the money coming from the sale of players (who had their values increased by having been at the club)

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    Anelka was a moody git

    Bellamy was a thug

    Keane never scored

    crouch is only one dimentional

    thats why.

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    because liverpool ruin players!

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