Mammograms, Pap smears, Cervical Cancer Tests. What's next?

"New advice: Skip mammograms in 40s, start at 50"

"Guidelines Push Back Age for Cervical Cancer Tests"

"New guidelines for cervical cancer screening say women should delay their first Pap test until age 21, and be screened less often than recommended in the past."…

"Report: 20-somethings can go 2 years between Paps"

"WASHINGTON – Most women in their 20s can have a Pap smear every two years instead of annually, say new guidelines that conclude that's enough to catch slow-growing cervical cancer.

The change by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists comes amid a completely separate debate over when regular mammograms to detect breast cancer should begin. The timing of the Pap guidelines is coincidence, said ACOG, which began reviewing its recommendations in late 2007 and published the update Friday in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology."…

The timing of the all these new rationing guidelines is coincidence. Sure it is! Can anyone add to the growing list?

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    Considering women in their 40's get a lot of false positives and that most cases of breast cancer are caught during self exams or physical exams.... yeah. It's good advice.

    Source(s): My mom and grandmother had breast cancer. The doctor suggested getting mammograms 10 years before the earliest family diagnosis (so I'd start at 25). Yeah, doc, shooting radiation into my boobs will help prevent breast cancer... sure. P.S. a pap smear and cervical cancer screening are the same thing lol... you're a man aren't you?
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    This is the problem with government funded health care... Once people accept that the government should pay for ANY part of their health care, they come to expect them to pay for EVERY aspect of their health care. It's a slippery slope, and we're already skidding down it. Recommendations like these... which is what these are... have been going on for years. They are based on studies of efficacy of procedures and treatments. STATISTICALLY, the benefits of having mammograms (for example) done before age 50 don't support the cost and even the potential risk of the test... or follow-up procedures... that comes from tests that may turn out to be not needed due to false positives (which happens a lot with mammograms). But even then, because these are recommendations, the doctor and patient still have the right to have the test done. Whether it will be covered in this bill... who knows?

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    These so called medical geniuses have been changing the guidelines for years. It's just more apparent now with the healthcare debate. What's being overlooked here is the fact that people ignore these guidelines anyway. Colon cancer is 90% curable and yet it accounts for one of the highest number of cancer deaths because people won't get colonoscopies. People have to use their own common sense.

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    There is quite a lot of cancer in my husbands family... three sisters.. all had breast cancer... all diagnosed before 50 and one at 41... so I guess with Obama plan.. they would just have to die.. is that how this new thing works?

    Kill off the women before fifty, if possible... deny health care for the elderly.. but provide them with "death counselling".. anything I missed Bammy, old boy!

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    1 decade ago

    they talk about abortion all the time so the people won't notice these things

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