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Ferret harassing Cats, Please Help!?

I have two indoor only cats that I have owned for 6 years. I live in a small apartment and two weeks ago I got a ferret. I love the ferret, and I can’t wait to get another one, but my cats are constantly being harassed by the ferret. He keeps biting them and casing them. I know he is just playing, but my cats don’t see it that way. They just run up on something tall, and hiss or bat at him. They never hurt the ferret, if anything the ferret hurts them. He is just a baby and is learning not to nip, but my cats are getting frustrated, and JIJI my male cat is starting to show behavioral sighs of stress like peeing on my chair. What should I do? I want everyone to be one big happy family, and not to sit in pee! Please Help!

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    Unfortunately this is the ABSOLUTE favourite past time of every ferret in the world. Chase the cats!! I have never been able to train a ferret not to do this and I've had a lot of ferrets in the last 17 years!

    You need to give your cats an escape from the ferret. Or at least give them some time out by confining the ferret to one room for a while. Most of my friends put the ferrets to bed in their own room at about 8pm. That way the cats get plenty of time with the house to themselves.

    My cats all get off the floor and we always put a baricade like a solid kid barrier, across the door of one of the bedrooms so that the cats can get away and be comfy if the fuzzies become too much, and the ferrets can't get over into the room. My ferrets also go to bed with the sun so to speak.

    Other than that there is not much you can do, as said cat harassment is SO MUCH FUN if your a ferret!! Cats just react in such a spectacular fashion!! And each cats tollerance level is different when it comes to ferrets, but the one thing a cat can never do is ignore a ferret, no ferret will stand for that.

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