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In what way is the magazine cover of Sarah Palin sexist?

I think it is Newsweek. Sarah Palin is wearing running attire. Palin says it is sexist. I am wondering how that is sexist.


Nikki: It doesn't surprise me that you would still a quote from FOX, unfortunately for the FOX dumbasses men typically don't wear revealing clothing. She posed for the picture, it was wrong for Newsweek to use the picture without asking but she needs to stop being a whiny moron.

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    It perpetuates gender stereotypes, and it is inappropriate for a supposed news magazine.

  • Lisa
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    It isn't sexist, it's was just a bad play on Newsweek's part to use a picture taken from a sports magazine to portray Sarah in a certain way. I didn't vote for Palin, but I do agree that Newsweek tends to take things too far sometimes in portraying celebrities and political figures in a certain way. But then again- all media does this! Why should we be surprised?

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    Always a hoot to see Liberals yell "Whiny Moron" when asked to respect their own standards of Political Correctness.

    REMEMBER when Liberals say you should treat women with respect, they ONLY mean Liberal women.

    First off take a look at the actual


    The title already tells you this is a political hit piece. A title like:

    "Is Palin Hurting the GOP?" would imply a discussion is inside.

    But "How do you Solve a Problem like Sarah?" ....

    Well this is stolen from a song about a young naive nun who really didn't know her place.

    And how do we reinforce this theme? Hey, lets post the cheesecake shot in shorts & sneakers.

    See, it's a perfectly fine shot if the story is about Sarah's love of running.

    But as a political article - the picture is intended to trivialize.

    Ah the young naive cutie - what must we do to teach her her place.

    Now this may be hard to see since it's not YOUR Clinton being Gored.

    But let's take this photo - A smiling Obama in sweats holding a basketball.

    Now if Newsweek does an article of how Obama loves basketball - No problem.

    It's a great picture right?

    But if the caption read:


    "He's bad news for the Dems & Everybody Else Too"

    And inside is a political hit piece. You'd say WTF?

    It this was the picture Glen Beck used anytime he criticized Obama's politics, you'd know IMMEDIATELY the pic was being used out of context to portray Obama as a dumb jock. And if Obama called this use of the photo Racist, you'd probably agree.

    Even if you didn't think it was Racist per se, you would certainly understand Obama's objections to this use of his photo.

    What you WOULDN'T do is call Obama a 'whiny moron'.

    The photo of Palin isn't sexist. What clearly IS sexist is Newsweeks use of it.

    Source(s): How do you solve a problem like Maria? - From The Sound of Music.
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    You need to ask yourself why was a pic in her in running shorts from another magazine used...and the words printed on the cover. You obviously can't see that smear going. Regardless what her views are, you don't other male or female candidates in shorts and quotes like how crazy someone is. She just an easy target and scares the snobs in the media. By th way, her book became a bestseller before it was even released by sheer mail orders way before this pic came out.

    If you have typical liberal beef with her, fine. But don't ask why if Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Hillary Clinton was on the cover of a conservative mag in shorts and had quotes below about her mental condition, there would be outrage on the left.

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    The libs stole the pic to test the waters. What the libs meant for harm will work in Sarah's favor. Since when it is "wrong" for a woman to be intelligent and beautiful? They are so jealous of Sarah, look at Nazi Pelosi, Hillary,and Janet Reno.All the botox in the world can't help them.

    While the libs are attempting to demean Sarah, she is going forth with strategy to either run and win in 2012 under repub ticket, or in 2016 as the FIRST FEMALE TO WIN ON AN INDEPENDENT TICKET!


  • Anonymous
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    Because, they could have selected a picture that was representative of the article. Plenty of pictures with her in business attire. They ripped off a picture used by Runner's World Magazine. But I guess if they show her in a good light they wouldn't sell any of those crappy mags. Would they put the shirtless pic of Obama on their front cover? I think not. There's your answer.

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    Well Newsweek never put that picture of Obama at the beach on their cover so it may not be sexist but it is biased.

  • Nikki
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    The sexist test is this. Would Newsweek have put Joe Biden on the cover in shorts?


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    It is sexist because that photo was chosen strictly for the titillation factor. While the photo was appropriate for the fitness magazine it was taken for, it clearly was inappropriate for a political context. But you have to admit, our Republican women sure look a lot more attractive than Democrat women.

    Palin 2012.


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    Palin is an idiot - she posed for the "sexist" pic. The truth is Palin wants to sell books and Newsweek wants to sell magazines. The pic and the controversy works for both of them.

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    Because the concept of putting any political person on the cover of a national magazine in the context of discussing their political positions in inappropriate attire is a slap in the face, and that would never happen to a man - it is "accepted" when it happens to a woman.

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