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what is a good credit union or community bank to join in the dallas or far north dallas area?

one with free checking and possibly free savings, i know longer want to do business with big banks like wells fargo or chase, or bank of america. what are your experiences with smaller credit unions or banks, are they really better than the big corporate ones?

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    The problem you will have with credit unions is locations. Credit Union of Texas for example only has about 10 branches. You can do basic transactions like deposits at other credit unions in their shared branch network. You may have a delay on using those deposits unless they are in cash. I had a check deposited at CU of Texas through a shared branch and it was nearly three weeks before the money was available even though the check had cleared the issuing bank in just a day or two. I didn't need the money and I don't know if they would have released the hold sooner if I'd called them. But it is certainly a concern I would raise about using them as my main bank. I have found them friendly and very competitive on loan rates.

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    Look at the Credit Union of Texas, which used to be the Dallas Teacher's Credit Union, but now anyone can be a member. They have free checking, and low interest loans, and all the advantages of a big bank with a small bank feel.

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    A long time ago. Does no business with any of the large national and/or multinational banks in the US. Sticks with local community banks and credit unions. Also North Dakota, where I live, is the only state in the US with a state owned bank (The Bank of North Dakota). A trend I think many more people will see taking place in their states.

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