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Tell me your honest opinion of my song lyrics plz?


Hope is dead,

Crushed to dust under the weight of your,

Wicked infidelity,

Ripped my heart to shreds,

Now it’s bleeding out the truth and I,

Think I finally see,


You were never home,

And I would wait by the phone,

For you to call,

You’d say you were out with the guys,

That was just more of your lies,

As I recall,

I hope she touched and ****** you just right,

‘Cause you were out almost every night,

But I shouldn’t care anymore,

Cause you left me for that whore,

But the feelings still remain that I can’t ignore,


Now I’m numb,

No longer a yell but now a hum,

I hate what I’ve become,

Smiles are rare,

I am broken and beyond repair,

Now I reside in despair,



Now you’re gone and I’m alone,

I guess I really should’ve known,

What was right in front of my face,

Hope is dead,

Crushed to dust under the weight of your,

Wicked infidelity….

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    this is actually super good. the only thing i would say is that you use very common words together like "repair" and "despair." good job though! =)

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  • Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I like the first verse only. The rest is too straightforward, not poetic enough.

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  • fout
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    3 years ago

    Oh! i like it! am i able to apply it in my e book? it particularly is beautiful! in between the chapters the biggest character sings a track and that's what I wantedd the track to sense like! you arew so cool! call sugestion:Why Do i think this sort

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  • 1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    great for an emo song

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