What good paying program can I transfer into after getting an associates in science?

I'll be finishing getting my associates in science next fall. I only went into this program to stay in school and to save my family money while going through financial problems. Now, i really want to start looking into possibilities of building on this degree. I know its not much, but I really want to get a career in mind! So what can I possibly transfer into with an associates in science???

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want to continue with your education, you can go into anything. With an AS degree, you have all of your core/basic college courses completed. You could transfer to a 4 year college and do whatever interests you. You don't need to limit yourself to science either. If you want to just go for a job, you could look for civil service jobs. Some only require that you have 30 - 60 units in something; doesn't necessarily need to be in science. If you want to work in a field using your science background, check into biological technician, environmental technician, or a forensic science technician. Check out http://www.usajobs.gov/ for federal jobs.

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    You can get a degree in Chemical engineering, Medical Technology, Rad Tech, or any other degrees in the Medical field.

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