When will Janet Napolitano - director of Department of Homeland Security - press for immigration reform again?

I just do not know when Immigration reform will ever get passed for broken up families. Will Luis Gutierrez of Illinois ever present the bill in front of congress? What do you think will happen if Congressman Luis Gutierrez finishes with the presenting of this bill? Do you think it will be turned down? Janet Napolitano hopes that is will happen some time in 2010, but I do not see it happening at ALL if Obama fails at health care reform. Rumors have it that Obama wont even touch immigration reform if health care reform does not go through. What do you think will happen with Congressman Luis Gutierrez's bill that is about to be presented and why? No RUDE ANSWERS PLEASE!

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    Well, if these tea baggers/Republicans/Conservatives would stop pushing against the Citizens needs like health care reform, Obama could finally get to immigration reform. But the truth is, that these groups push against these bills because they know it'll make President Obama look good, and they don't want that! even if it's in the best interest of America.

    I guess Republicans don't want Obama to fix the economy on his watch.


    Greenspan: Immigration reform will help economy

    WASHINGTON - Congress should enact "badly needed" immigration reforms to bring in both unskilled and skilled foreign workers if it wants to maintain the nation's economic vitality, former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan said Thursday.


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    This is about illegal immigration reform or as I like to call it, amnesty. So I do hope the congress doesn't not take up amnesty. As for broken families they had no problem leaving their families behind when they came or if it is that important to be united they need to not come or return to their country of birth.

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    The waste of time (oh, I mean) creating a new entitlement program aka health care comes first. Then cap and trade. By then, it will be time for re-elections. And a new guard. So immigration looks to be on the back burner for a while.

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    I help it and desire it passes this year. This doesnt earnings criminals. Its assisting pupils be efficient in direction of this u . s .. They have been raised right here and understand no longer the rest yet usa of america. maximum of this childrens didnt assimilate with the aid of fact in reality they have been raised as individuals. You as adults may well be racist and judgemental in direction of this concern yet in reality your infants are their friends. they are good pupils and a few are valedictorians worth of many scholarship, which ofcourse they dont take. and regardless of the rustic against them they artwork no longer uncomplicated and risk-free money so as that they might bypass to college. They desire and dream for the terrific. So even while honestly everyone seems to be yelling of their faces that their no longer nicely worth it they nevertheless push on and study with the aid of fact they understand that sometime they'll teach their nicely worth.

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    We don't need immigration reform. We need to enforce the law. Illegals have received amnesty once in my life already. If they do it again, i will demand amnesty or a get out of jail free card. I will want amnesty for falsifying documents. I will want amnesty for americans who do not register for selective service. I will want amnesty for not filing tax returns.

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    When something unlawful seems to persist and persist....someone is making money off of it.

    Don't you think that if USA was REEEEEEELY interested in an Immigration Reform, something would've been done about it already?

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