idle air control valve 89 jetta?

my son just got a 89 jetts his first car the idle air control valve seems to b running even after the car is off it seems to b drawing juice with the car off this i think should not b running with no power, can feel it vibrateing unhook the battery it stops hook back up it feels like its drawing juice do u need this valve or is there a way u can bypass this and will the car still run also if he replaces this and it still seems to b drawing juice than what could it be and how 2 correct it need your help thank u

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sounds like a faulty ignition switch, or it could be a cross somewhere, you will have to check around with a meter to figure out exactly where and what the problem is. id recommend sorting out the wiring. however if your intent on deleting the isv, the best way to do it with a butterfly valve from a hardware store. pull out the isv, rig the new valve into its place, let the engine warm up, adjust valve until engine is running better. also you will probably need to make adjustments to the idle screw at the throttle body. the car is gonna run like crap until the engine is warmed from now on though.

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