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Motorcycle is hard going into gears.?

My motorcycle (Suzuki GSXR 750 2006) is hard going into first gear. It makes a sputtering noise even while shifting into higher gears. What could this be? An injector? clogged fuel filter? or something worse?

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    this is the nature of the beast. proper clutch adj. is important and oil too but, what most likely is the cause is lazy toe. you need to find the proper shift points for the bike, use the clutch fully, and shift with a firm confident toe.

  • Dan H
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    Try adjusting the clutch first and see if that makes the shifting easier.

    Your clutch runs in motor oil. If you haven't changed the oil recently, do so now and use a proper motorcycle oil that works for wet clutches.

    Beyond that, hard shifting usually comes from bent or damaged parts in the transmission, chiefly the shift dogs and forks. Those require disassembly to diagnose properly.

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    Whatever you do, do not waste your money on motorcycle-specific oil. It is a marketing gimmick, designed to separate you from more of your dollars. That said, an oil change may improve shifting if you have not done one in a while.

    Adjust your clutch and lube your cable. Check that your shift lever is getting its full travel, not hitting on the frame. Also be sure it is not cracked. on some bikes, the shift lever is prone to failure (dunno about your GSXR), and can flex if it cracks.

  • Ming
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    maybe the previous owner put regular car motor oil in there instead of motorcycle oil. Change out the oil and put in JASO MA rated oils like the manual says. Sportbikes utilize a wet clutch and the oil type used may negatively affect shifting and performance.

    I use Valvoline 10w-40 motorcycle oil rated JASO MA in mine.

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    Start with the clutch freeplay,,,,if that don't work then investigate further....lots of forums on Gixxers on the web.....

    Keep it simple

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    adjust clutch

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