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sleep in or sleep late??

Miss, sorry, I didn't go to last class because I slept in , I haven't study assignment now.

How about above sentences grammar is OK.. Need useing "sleep late" ?

Could somebody written other sentences for me.


又亂了..應係 I didn't go to last class.....還有I haven't study assignment now. 仲有 Need using "sleep late"

Update 2:

Mybe use "study book". Cause Miss passed study book at last class..or Miss conveyed study book at last class...不打中文,,總感覺給人家誤會我的句子,,,原句是這樣,..老師,對不起,我訓過龍,所以上一堂沒上堂,現在我還未有書本,( 註: 老師是在上一堂派發書本)

Update 3:

又搞錯了,,應係.( student book ) Sorry..

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    老師,對不起,我訓過龍,所以上一堂沒上堂,現在我還未有書本,( 註: 老師是在上一堂派發書本)

    「訓過龍」in English is 'sleep in' and not 'sleep late'. In past tense it is 'slept in'.

    We can say 'get to class late' if we want to use the word 'late'.

    Your English sentence can be changed to include the meaning of your Chinese sentence correctly.:

    I am sorry Miss. I slept in this morning so I did not go to the last lesson. I still have not got the student book which the teacher gave to the class in the last lesson.

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    =.= 成句同你整過算

    I'm sorry Miss, I (still) didnt/dont have the {book} that you passed to us last lesson because I slept late at that day.

    () 內可+可不+

    {book} :

    手冊=(Student) hand book


    課本=Text Book

    練習薄=Exercise Book

    唔知你咩書啦下 岩洗自己放返上去

    Source(s): 自己 自問英文還不遜..
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    Miss xxx , I am late because I woke up late and I haven't finish my hometime ontime.

    Source(s): me
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