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Gloria asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急:英文全篇翻譯 !PARTC(請不要用網上翻譯字典!)

The productivity of signifiance, by which the reading subject escapes the control of signification by becoming part of his /her meaning of the text, is too fruitful a concept to be confined to literature. The surfie on/in the wave is a subject lost in the signifier- cultural identity deconstructed by the bliss of reading/ surfing in the same way as sexual orgasm in the ultimate moment of deconstruction : the limit of sexual politics.

The wave is that text of bliss to the surfie, escape from the signified, potential reentry into nature, constantly shifting, needing reading for each loss of subjectivity. It contradicts, defines momentarily, the ideological subjectivity through which discourses exert their control. The beach, however, is a text of mundane pleasure, not sacred bliss. It is laden with signifieds, it controls the desire for freedom and threat of nature by transposing it into the natural.

It is pornography rather than eroticism, desire institutionalized, given a social location subject to the power of the other who produces its signification, its meaning.

Barthe's formulation of an aesthetics of pleasure sited in the body rather than an aesthetics of beauty sited in the text, and his consequent foregrounding of the signifier, is a tactical attempt to evade the social control of meaning. The body is the Achilles heel of hegemony.

So Marxists, structuralists, and semioticians are shifting their attention to this matrix of concepts- the body, pleasure, desire, the signifier- as the only hope for a place outside the empire of ideology, beyond the reach of the social sense that it is a disciplinary practice.

For only from outside ideology, beyond sense, beyond control can we formulate what possible alternatives might look like. The politics of pleasure may be our only way of situating the forces of social change within the domain of the popular.

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    (I don't know what is surfie)Sorry!

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