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fine aggregate concrete mix design?

I really need help and if you are familiar with concrete mix design please help me.

I need to come up with a concrete mix design that is very light and with high strength.....the mix will be used where the thickness of concrete layer will be less than half an inch so it will have to consist of fine aggregates....I've also seen that instead of sand or fine natural aggregates there are man made aggregates like glass bubbles or things like that to be sued....the density of the final mix should be no more than 54 pcf (pound per square foot)

Please help me...atleast give me a starting point on how to come up with a good mix design...i plan to do lots of strength tests so even if you can help me get started, i may be able to make the mix better....

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    Start from establishing concrete strength first. Usually 1: 2:4 cement, sand , gravel ratio produces 4000 to 5000 psi. From this you have to lower your aggregate fraction or just lower the diameter size of your aggregates so you will get a lightweight high strength concrete. Wherever applicable 20mm diameter size of aggregate will give you the required strength with a lesser density of concrete.

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    yeah right

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