What is the defect in the cell cycle to cause leukemia?

please in detail

could u also help me where i could find more information about this

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm. From what I know alot of defects in the cell cycle can cause leukaemia. What particularly occurs includes:

    a. Increased progression through the cell cycle, such as due to a mutation in the Rb protein - causes reduced inhibition of E2F which transcribes the proteins that moves the cell into the S phase of the cell cycle - resulting in increased cellular divisions

    b. then therea are things like a mutation in p53 that inhibit the cells ability to respond to DNA damage and halt the cell cycle like it normally would. etc etc.

    I hope this is roughly along the tract in what your looking for. But in the end, a defectin the cell cycle usually results in uncontrolled cellular proliferation so that mutations in the cell accumulate (and at a more rapid rate) and can result in malignant cell transformation

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