What is the total price of everything on earth put together?

How much does everything in the whole world cost in total?

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    That's an interesting philosophical question. The definition of fair market value is what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller, neither under compulsion. The most reliable way of tracking that is to monitor actual sales. That's the best determinant of real estate values as well as commodities.

    Some have argued that the reason oil is so cheap as an energy source is that no one has to pay God for His oil. In economic terms, free-market economy works really well at driving usage toward the least costly alternative. But the problem here is that the only mechanism for discouraging use of a finite resource is supply and demand. But that kicks in only once the resource becomes scarce. Governments are beginning to attempt to rectify this systemic weakness with ideas like a world-wide carbon tax. The short-term risk is all of the horrific negative aspects of world government. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. The long-term potential benefit is a potentially much longer survival of the human race with the energy-intensive lifestyle we have come to enjoy.

    I encourage you to embark on a project to establish an economic value for earth. You could have a lot of fun with that, and also learn a lot. It could be a science fair project. Don't neglect the value of solar insolation at a kilowatt per square meter.

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    This is a very personal decision. Of course any decision you make in rearing your child is a personal decision. If you feel comfortable spending $260, $26, or $2,600, it's up to you! Honestly, only you and your husband know what you feel you can afford. $10 to one person who is a single mother of 2 may feel the same as $1,000 to a married couple that has one child. IMO, I think that we all have very different opinions of money and money management. Therefore, you will have just as many different opinions about how much a person believes is "appropriate" to spend on a baby's first Christmas or birthyday or just because. KWIM? With all that said, DH and I haven't discussed the bottom line dollar amount just yet. We probably will within the next 2 months though.

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    There is a calculated value for a percentage of the earths total wealth, but the vast amount of undiscovered, non-replaceable and lost resources makes it impossible to even estimate or place a monetary amount on the value. Therefore the unknown factor makes answering this question impossible. Also monetary value is a fluid concept driven by supply and demand as well as other variables.

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    Since there are some things on Earth such as The Mona Lisa that are priceless, you could only arrive at a total figure of priceless no matter how many numbers you crunch.

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    cost and value are arbitrary. what is a Diamond worth compared to a cup of water.

    How thirsty are you?

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    the price of jesus' sacrifice dying on the cross for all of our sins.

    let us praise his glory, for those who do not, will toil in the fields for eternity, and procure the pain of childbirth for millennia herewith, in the seven levels of hell as the scripture procures.

    as jesus sayeth, no camel can pass through the eyes of the blinded eyball on the dollar bill without paying the income tax.

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