Jazz question, measures form Charlie parker songs?

This is for a jazz class. I have to do a cd review on The Best of Charlie Parker. I don't understand how the measures work, i really just wanna get this report over with. If someone can tell me how many measures and what form these songs are in (for example AABA) It would make this so much easier. Or a website that I can search any song and it gives me the form and measures. Here are the song names

The Bird


Just Friends


K.C. Blues

Star Eyes

She Rote

My Little Suede Shoes


Autumn In New York

Now's the time


Or if there is an easy way to just listen to the song and tell that would be helpful as well. Just any help at all is appreciated.

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    Okay. A measure is the time it takes you to tap your foot four times. Count how many times you count to four between the beginning of the song and when the solo begins.

    Form can be determined by listening to what parts ot the song sound similar. If its 8 measures of something , then 8 more similar measures, followed by a contrasting 8 measures, followed by 8 measures of material similar to the first two, it would be AABA.

    If it is one section of music that sounds one way, then a different sounding section, followed by a still different sounding section, it would be ABC.

    If you are still confused, don't be afraid to go to your teacher or another student and ask for help. It is better to do that than to cheat or fake the answers or just ignore the problem

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  • regula
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    Of path, it's unattainable to be certain, however I do not suppose that he might have developed too a ways past his style. Bird lived in a microcosm that he not often escaped, and while he escaped it, it was once regularly to a sanitorium (Camarillo State Hospital, for instance). This style of lifestyles does no longer lend good to progress, progress and innovation. Besides, nobody could have authorized some thing from Bird rather than what he did fine - this has plagued musicians endlessly. I think that as a result of his mythical fame, jazz could most likely have adopted his path to a distinctive factor, however most effective in an essential type. It is dubious that this could had been too a ways past the bebop style. Jazz could have persisted its direction of evolution and Bird could have are compatible in alongside more than a few intersections of patterns and genres, however I do not think he could have thrived. Perhaps the reply is within the recordings of Jackie McLean, Sonny Stitt, Phil Woods and different Bird disciples of the time. I do not think that the ones men developed like Miles or Diz - they went proper from bebop to rough bop and no longer a lot extra past. Yes, I recognize that Phil Woods did a few visitor studio recordings with Billy Joel and Steely Dan, however the ones don't replicate his possess recordings as a chief, which can be within the rough bop form. One factor is for distinctive - extra modern-day recording tactics and technological know-how could have increased his sound. I desire Bird might have recorded with Blue Note and Rudy Van Gelder, the finest jazz recording engineer of all time. Those could had been a few powerful recordings!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You don't mean the measures, you mean the form.

    1) You should be able to simply listen to a song and analyze it with your ears, recognizing the verse vs. bridge, etc.

    1B) Why are you taking a 'jazz class' if you don't know some basic Bird?!?!!?

    You ruined it with 'get this report over with'. Bird had a very interesting life, and his music is brilliant. You should be glad you get to write one on him. Shame on you!

    That being said, here's your answer you pseudo-jazz fan: JazzStandards.com

    And don't ***** that several of those aren't on the site. Bird re-worked songs with a more complex melody on top of them, ie: How High The Moon = Ornithology (in structure, that is). If you know the original tune, look that one up. Or you could listen (what a concept!) to the song (music?!?) and figure it out like anyone else.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes you just want the rest of the world to do your homework!

    Study you loser. You will fail in life with that attitude.

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