Is the Book of Mormon the most correct book on Earth?

I see it said quite frequently that it is, and yet if that's so, I'm baffled by the fact that the Mormon Church's own archaeologists admit that there is no archaeological support for the Book of Mormon.

If the Book of Mormon was so correct, would it have been allowed to be lost? Would the initial scriptures translated by Joseph Smith and scribed by Martin Harris have been allowed to be misplaced?

If the Book of Mormon was accurate, wouldn't it be able to be validated by external evidence, the way the books of the Bible have been?


One user in particular continually makes this claim, but never provides supporting details, and never actually answers the questions that he/she is responding to. Is this tactic somehow perceived to be effective in sharing Mormonism?

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  • Bill C
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    1 decade ago
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    The book of Mormon claims to be written by different authors, like the Bible. Yet, the entire book is in one writing style. It was supposedly translated into English in the 19th century, and yet, was translated into 17th century English (to make it sound more like the KJV?).

    The Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible in a number of places, such as Alma 13:18, where it claims that Melchizedek had a father, when the Bible says he had none. Where the Bible refers to three hours of darkness when Jesus was crucified, 1 Nephi 19:10 says three days.

    The names in the book of Mormon are designed to look like Hebrew names from the Bible. But none of them actually mean anything in Hebrew.

  • Johnna
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    4 years ago

    The introduction says it is the "most correct book" not that it is perfect, or that we should ignore other books, or (heaven forbid) revelations from Jesus Christ. In fact to believe the book to be perfect would be to ignore many of the authors who plead with readers to forgive their weaknesses. Some major Mormon teachings are not missing from the book. You will find excessive references to baptism, temples, the character of God, etc. Changes to the Book are mostly grammatical and unlike the bible the original transcript (1830's printing) is still available for comparison. As far as the bible being edited, go to a Christian book store look at the excessive number of study bibles and tell me which bible hasn't been edited? The King James Version isn't the original, the Tyndale isn't the original, the Vulgate isn't the original, the Hebrew and Greek while being the oldest available to the Christian world are not contemporary with their original authors.

  • rac
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    1 decade ago

    SLCBTF has given the best answer thus far. Together with the many other good answers, including Rosskopf, you can understand that the word correct does not mean without flaws. In the gospel, there is always the dual personality of spiritual vs. physical. Man thinks of the physical side of life and looks for everything to fit neatly into a physical puzzle. God looks at things spiritually and they do not fit neatly into physical puzzles. You have to have a spiritual understanding of things to then realize that being the most correct spiritual book is different than being the most correct physical book. Nevertheless, evidence is compiled on a regular basis that does support the B of M history. The academic society refuses to recognize that evidence because in order to do so, they would have to rethink a lot of their other premises and admit that they had been wrong. Being proud individuals, they are unwilling to admit that their postulates could possibly be wrong. So when murals from Central America are published showing a light skinned people living with a dark skinned people, sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict, they do not ascribe that to confirmation of the B of M history as they should.

    The LDS church has never admitted that the B of M lacks archaeological evidence. Quite the contrary, my own ancestor, actually a brother of my great grandfather, was the first LDS educator to lead an expedition to Central America with the express purpose of finding B of M sites. He found enough evidence to create an interest in others to continue what he started.

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  • Doctor
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    1 decade ago

    The quote comes from Joseph Smith, who was a true prophet. He said, "I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book” (Book of Mormon introduction; see also History of the Church, 4:461).

    We believe what Joseph Smith said about the Book of Mormon.

    As has been pointed out, we believe that there is archaeological support for the Book of Mormon.

    God has his own plans, and they are generally above the wisdom of man. The Book of Mormon was "hid up" by the Lord for his own purposes to come forth in our day and age. If you were an atheist you might argue that if God exists why doesn't he make himself known to all so there cannot possibly be any mistake or uncertainty. God's plan calls upon us to grow in faith, without always knowing all the answers before we commit to God.

    We believe that the Book of Mormon is as much validated by external evidence as is the Bible when it comes to the crucial question of its message.

    • yo momma5 years agoReport

      What external evidence validates the BOM? Please produce this, citing sources and experts. Thank-you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes and No. There are many Church and Non Church working in the field. The BoM is used to locate many sites and there are numerous digs going on. But there is no nameplate hung up that says "This was the city of Zarahemla", or Nephi, or Morianton, or Aminahah, or Jacob. The battlefields have been located based on geography with dig-outs, trenches, etc.

    I have books on their findings. Light people, dark people, customs, the White Bearded God, Xethelocheel, DNA samples, traditions, flood concept, war weapons, road travel and distance, and much more. As the evidence mounts up and it is year by year, do you think the Mormons are just going to throw their shovels down and say, yes you are right. Well not yet but it is coming.

    Now I am on a Job and my books and such are packed up. If you really want to read about it, on the internet go to Seagull Books or BYU bookstore or Deseret Books where you can buy and read, not take my typing and make an informed decision on your own.

    Now the BoM was never lost to the Lord. It was buried on purpose to come forth now as a second witness of Jesus Christ which is made clear throughout the book.

    Then you are referring to the wisdom of God. He kew that the first translation called the 116 pages by Lehi would be lost. So he had Nephi and Mormon prepare a better Bookl to replace it. The original 116 was stolen and changed so that when Joseph would have re-translated the work they would have produced the "Original" to show that he was not translating correctly. However the Lord told him that he had prepared for it and was directed to translate another part done by Nephi which shed greater spiritual knowledge on the gospel. Remember or know that the BoM is but a fraction of the work. There is literally a cave of it, which in the Lords time will be revealed. And besides that the Bom translation is only 1/3 of the work.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Book of Mormon is either the word of God or it is not.

    It was wrote by people under direction of the spirit of God or Satan

    It is either from Christ servants or from the infernal realm.

    The book of Mormon is either from Heaven or from Hell!

    Now lets consider these facts would Lucifer now known as Satan the Devil ever cause the word of God to be made clear would he testify that Jesus is the Christ the ony begotten son. Would he declare that God the Father is perfect Would he build Gods kindom. Of course Satan would not.

    Satans purpose is to make man suffer and be miserable like unto himself. He has worked before this world was completed to attempt to destroy God. An army that is not united cannot be victorious

    Therefore The Book of Mormon is From The servants and Prophets of God. The vast majority of the Book of mormon events took place in the Northern Portion of South america. They have found evidence of these civilizations. There is huge stone bricks that weigh tons and can not be moved by a single person so Geologists brought in cranes and moved a few and they found roads made by an advanced civilization, they later found walls around remnants of ancient communities. These walls were build so well you can't fit a peice of paper between the blocks of these walls. in nearby caves they found a depiction of a fruitful Tree and a line to it. Theres a story by the Prophet Lehi, who left Jerusalem during Jeremiahs life, this story uses a tree its fruit and a rod that leads to it. It explains that the Iron rod is the word of God, The tree is Jesus christ and the fruit is eternal life.

    Now if you want to know if the Book of mormon is true, real answers come from God so ask him.

    the most repeated idea in the new testimony is ask in faith and you will receive. A brick wont tell you the Book of Mormon is true and neither will a stack of gold pages, if these gold plates were set before you all you wold learn is that its cold like metal is. its heavy like metal is and that it has symbols in funny writing on it that you can't read cause its not your language.

    Now to lost pages of the Book of Mormon...Whoever says the Bible is complete and you don't need any more bible. is a Liar and has probably never read the bible. Take the last few verses of the last chapter of Chronicles it talks about the Books of Gad Nathan and Iddo the Seer which the bible doesn't have, there called lost scripture. If we had all the scriptures ever written by prophets you wouldn't be able to fit all the revelations into the empire state building so 116 pages got stolen a book called the book of Lehi was lost and then you read about his son Nephi who is commanded to rerecord his journey from jarusalem to the north west land of south america then called the promised land because amerigo vaspuchi hadn't been born. So technically the major events of Lehi wandering the wilderness and building a ship and seeing a symbolic tre weren't lost after all.

    I'll bet Joseph smith was awe struck when he found out in the process of translation that Lehis son Nephi recorded the major events that he and his daddy shared. All i can say is that i wish i could have been there under the direction of a prophet who blessed his children and taught them how to receive salvation. Just because a tree falls over and makes a giant crash and nobody hears it doesn't mean it didn't happen just because a journal was lost dousn't mean it didn't happen.

    Source(s): The book of Mormon is just as correct now as it was before the pages and plates were removed from the world.
  • 1 decade ago

    Joseph Smith thought it was perfect.

    If the supposed translation of the book of mormon was not perfect in the first place, why was Joseph smith carefully studding the characters and then translate it and "APPROVE" the word to his scribe?

    This was a very precise process that smith and scribe described over and over.

    Oliver B. Huntington recorded in his journal that in 1881 Joseph F. Smith, who became the sixth President of the Mormon Church, taught that the Lord gave Joseph Smith the exact English wording and spelling that he should use in the Book of Mormon:

    "Saturday Feb. 25, 1881, I went to Provo to a quarterly Stake Conference. Heard Joseph F. Smith describe the manner of translating the Book of Mormon by Joseph Smith the Prophet and Seer, which was as follows as near as I can recollect the substance of his description. Joseph did not render the writing on the gold plates into the English language in his own style of language as many people believe, but every word and every letter was given to him by the gift and power of God. So it is the work of God and not of Joseph Smith, and it was done in this way ... . The Lord caused each word spelled as it is in the book to appear on the stones in short sentences or words, and when Joseph had uttered the sentence or word before him and the scribe had written it properly, that sentence would disappear and another appear. And if there was a word wrongly written or even a letter incorrect the writing on the stones would remain there. Then Joseph would require the scribe to spell the reading of the last spoken and thus find the mistake and when corrected the sentence would disappear as usual." (Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, page 168 of typed copy at Utah State Historical Society)

    The QUOTE above says..."but every word and every letter was given to him by the gift and power of God. So it is the work of God and not of Joseph Smith,"

    ***Notice it says every word and letter from GOD.


    But then over time more and more parts seemed either unchristian, or not believable, and or needed to be switched around a bit so then the newer additions of the Book of mormon kept changing bit by bit, again and again.

    This site below shows the book of mormon changes that made DOCTRINAL changes:…

    Source(s): ex mormon
  • slcbtf
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    1 decade ago

    Dr. Bob....I think the LDS follow a different principal for finding the truth. Many aspects in the Bible are not confirmed by archeology. New archaeological finds are being made daily that change the previous ideas about the history of the bible. Check the archaeological websites if you need more information. Along those lines....archeology in the new world is hardly complete. There are many interesting finds and discoveries to be made.

    The principal that the LDS use for finding truth is that found in the bible. It is the first principal of the gospel. FAITH. Look at the bible....with all the wonderful writings of the ancient prophets...did any of them say...look at the archaeological evidence for "proof". Why didn't Jesus say, the Ark and the Covenant is there, or the Garden of Eden was over there....? That is not how religious truths are established.

    "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you ALL THINGS, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." John 14:26 We firmly claim and believe the God is quite capable of teaching us the truth by means of the Holy Ghost. Pretty simple if you ask me. We are not changing the manner in which truth is found, we are simply following what the scriptures teach. What more evidence do you need than an answer from God himself testifying that the Book of Mormon is true. I have asked God and received my answer. I don't need to rely on the discoveries of man to confirm my religion. Faith is independent with God.

    You can keep your archeology. If you like...wait until they have all of human history figured out. When do you think that will occur? Is it even possible? If you need to wait for such an event...I'm afraid you'll exhaust your life waiting and trusting in the arm of flesh.

  • 1 decade ago

    Are Christians making the same claim that Atheists are about the existence of God? You can't prove something beyond a doubt, it makes it automatically untrue?

    If you're looking for evidence, I suggest that we don't know everything about the locations in the Book of Mormon, and that we need more time.

    Also, there is abundant evidence in the text itself.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, I don't believe that the church employs archeologists, except perhaps as professors at BYU in the archeology department.

    Secondly, those members who have an interest in archeology can attest that there is a mountain of evidence that corroborates The Book of Mormon. If anyone tells you differently, then they are either seriously misinformed, or a bold-faced liar. Here are a few websites that go into detail:

    Thirdly, God isn't the malevolent being that you make him out to be - he allows us our agency. Martin Harris believed that the translation was safe, and that the precautions were not needed. Joseph Smith believed that Martin Harris could be entrusted with the record. Sometimes we think we know better than God, and must wait for life to teach us differently. God doesn't force us to do everything perfectly, but allows us to make mistakes and learn from them.

    Forth - There is a great deal of external evidence to its authenticity. Candidates have been found for the River of Laban, the valley of Lemuel and Bountiful. Nahom has been found. The ancestral home of Lehi has been found in Jerusalem. A candidate for the cave in which Nephi and his brothers hid out has been found nearby Lehi's ancestral home, and archeology has verified that it was occupied during this period. All of this is just in the first fifty pages.

    I find Lion Sack somewhat annoying. I just ignore him now.

    As far as being the most correct book - I'm not sure what was intended by that comment, unless it was just in reference to its translation. Since the translation was given through supernatural means, and since the original was compiled by a prophet of God (Mormon), it probably is the most correct translation of any religious record. Certainly errors have crept into the Bible as it has been copied and recopied over the years. The Koran was originally passed down by word of mouth.

    I know of at least two places in The Book of Mormon where apparent copiest mistakes were also translated. You don't get much more faithful of a translation then that!

  • Eliza
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    1 decade ago

    The Book of Mormon was only translated once, while the Bible was translated many times, so it would be easier for many parts of the Bible to be written the wrong way.

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