When I download a Youtube video and covert to mp3 the sound quality isn't as good. The bass is all crackly?

How do I prevent the bass from some Youtube videos from becoming crackly and reverb-sounding once I convert them to mp3? I know it's not my speakers--the sound is perfect when I play the video online but doesn't sound as good once I convert it. Help!

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    What converter are you using? Some converters have gain options which raise the volume. Super has one and mediacoder. also make sure the bitrate isn't too low. Is this an .flv file you are downloading or the .mp4 You might be watching the high quality file on youtube and downloading the low quality. If it's a mono file try converting it as such. There's no real point in converting a mono file to stereo. It will make no difference in sound and will take up more space. Also i would like to recommend a program called winlame. It's simple and really quick at conversions.

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    I use Ant Video Downloader to download from youtube.

    Download and install Ant Video Downloader at http://ant.com/video-downloader/ in internet explorer or firefox.

    Go to the page where the video is playing. Click the Download Button when video is buffering. Close the page or search another video.

    When the download completes click the Player Button to play the video.

    You will need a converter for you to play it in other players. The video you have download with ant toolbar works with any video converter.

    It is totally free and contains no adware or spyware at all.

    Source(s): ant.com
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    May be you can try this video converter:


    It supports the mutual conversion between almost all video/audio formats, and HD videos.

    It is easy to operate. Just few clicks are OK. The conversion will be finished in short while and with lossless quality.

    Hope it helpful for you.

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    this will help you... use 'zillatube'.

    it is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

    Zillatube easily download from Youtube... to your computer, and more. E.g saving and converting them to good quality mp3 songs/audio for you to listen to easily on your computer, or other players.

    It works very well -


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    download a Youtube video and covert need :E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool,you can use it to Download, Convert, Burn, Search, Manage, Repair and Play YouTube videos Capture RTMP Video Streams.



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    I use MelodyCan Ultra + YouTube Ripper http://melodycan.com/youtube_ripper.html

    output formats - MP3, MP4, AVI


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    If you want download YouTube video, you can use Altysoft Video converter.


    it is so easy to download YouTube videos from YouTube website, just specify the URL for the video you want to download. then you can select different output format that you want to convert.

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    You can choose " Online Video Hunter ", (Professional Tube FLV Downloader, 1000+ websites supported. )

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    Hi! You need an audio converter. Now I recommend a super one named iMovie Audio Converter. It is

    professional to convert different audio files or converting videos to audio formats, such as converting avi to mp3, flv to mp3, wmv to aac, wma to wav, etc. This converter can also merge some audios into one file, etc.

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    >> " Listen To YouTube" is best known by YouTubers when they wanna extract audio from YouTube videos..

    Try this....

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