I have very little work experience and I'm 25..?

I have only worked one job ever. That was at McDonalds when I was 19. I had only worked there for a month since I had long hair at the time and that was an issue.

I started looking for work when I was 22. I was not as dedicated about it till this year. For the past 4 months I have been actively looking for work. I must have applied at 80 to prolly even 100 places. I would do the application on the spot and talk with the manager right after. Even if you could only apply online I always came back within the next day or two to speak with the manager and follow up every few weeks. I have also been volunteering for a museum for about a year now.

So far I have not had much luck. At my interviews they do not seem too interested about my volunteer position and only really asks about McD & seemed turned off about only working there for a month.

I also do not drive... So that's another thing going against me as well. I know, I know.. it was bad to be bumming it this whole time but now I am trying to do something about it. I have even taken up another volunteer position (that's 17 miles from me) which deals with data entry which I have been doing just fine in the few weeks I have been there.

Any suggestions?

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