Subaru owners--how do you like your Subaru, I was thinking?

about buying one next year and just started researching them. Do all Subarus come with 4 wheel drive? I live in the northwest part of the US and get snow every year, mostly curious not sure I need 4 wheel drive.

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    I love my subarus. I've owned a 95 legacy since 02 and just bought a 98 for my wife. They have all had all wheel drive since the late nineties. They are very well engineered cars in many respects. They are designed for safety, reliability, ease of maintenance, and longevity. I'm currently looking at buying a third subaru to replace the original one. I might go with a WRX this time though.

    In the past seven years my 95 has gone from 157k miles to 245k miles and I have done the following.

    --Replaced original clutch at 157k miles.

    --3 rear wheel bearings.

    --One front CV shaft

    --Put in used transmission at 195k miles. Old one worked, but started popping out of fourth and would grind going into second if you didn't match revs.

    --One lower ball joint after a particularly scary stream crossing. I realized I was in too deep and gunned it, water washed over the hood, the engine kept going, and I must have hit some nasty big rocks cause the alignment was screwed up. I drove it for another two weeks before doing the joint.

    --Shifter bushings at 244k miles

    --Regular brakes, tires, oil changes, plugs, and plug wires, and one timing belt.

    It has some rust on it, but it's still going. And everything still works except the fuel gauge is intermittent. It always reads either the real level or lower than the real level though. So it won't leave me stranded.

    Get a subie and you'll love it.

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    Subaru only builds all-wheel drive automobiles. It is the single greatest safety feature available. Everyone should have all-wheel drive. I have two Subaru Outback wagons at present: a 2008 that is a virtual luxury car with leather seats, dual-zone climate control, a tiptronic style automatic, air conditioning and power everything, satellite radio, a 2-moving-panes panoramic sunroof, remote start, etc., etc., etc.; and a 1997 with 136,000 miles on the odometer. I bought both new.

    So far I haven't spent a dime on repairs on the 2008; it has traveled 34,000 miles. I've spent a total of about $900.00 on repairs over the years on the 1997, including $300 recently to fix the remote system that unlocks the doors.

    I love these cars. The 1997 was $24,005 out the door in late 1996. It's a virtual utility vehicle compared to the 2008. The 2008 cost $28,000, including everything I've listed, tax, license, etc. How does Subaru do that?

    I've never had a car that was better in the snow than these Subarus, EXCEPT for a 1986 Subaru Impreza I've since sold. I had an expensive Audi once -- very nice car, but not as good in the snow as the Subies.

    The picture is me on the track with my all-wheel drive 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo S. I don't take it out in the snow.

    Source(s): I own the cars and have for a long time.
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    All Subarus are AWD (all wheel drive). It is much better and functions a great deal better than 4 wheel drive.

    We currently have 6 Subarus in our family. We have owned Subarus since the 1970s and have never had a single one that has given us even the smallest bit of trouble. They are durable, reliable, and the maintain a high resale value.

    You do however have a part to play in keeping it running properly. First, read the owner's manual thoroughly. AWD vehicles need to be treated as such, and there are some things (such as running mismatched tires) that can cause problems. Keep up the regular maintenance and the car should last as long as you want to keep it.

    BTW - just because you don't think you need AWD doesn't mean you won't love it once you have it. The AWD Subarus perform extremely well in all kinds of weather, not just in snow.

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    Hey I live in the NW too. I'm on my third WRX and can't think of a better car for the money. Subaru has been pretty high on the list as far as safety goes and the AWD system is one of the best on the market. Don't know what model you are thinking about but they are all pretty equal. The auto will do a whole lot better in the snow but a manual will do very good too. My 02 automatic was invincible on snow or ice with all season tires. The manuals need a little more careful driving in really slick situations but i have never been stuck. Reliability is on par with the top brands and if properly maintained, will last plenty long trouble free. Check out the NWIC section on It's towards the bottom and full of NW Subaru drivers who are very passionate about their cars.

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    I pretty much agree with Michael, except I don't know which Subaru you are talking about. There is a 2.5i wagon for the Outback, Legacy and Impreza. I can talk about the Outback from experience and the Legacy by similarity. The passenger space is identical, but you will find the access to the rear section via a hatch a lot more convenient than using a trunk. I found that I gut just what the window sticker said as far as mileage, including 28-30 MPG on the highway and 22-23 MPG around town. I do not believe the car is a California-certified ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle), as the Honda's are. ( do see the claim, "Meets the strictest emissions standards for gasoline engines when equipped to meet the California Partial Zero Emission Vehicle standard, although I have no idea what that means.) The Legacy and Outback are very safe cars in both accident avoidance and crash safety, as they are rated tops in crash safety by NHTSA and IIHS, so this will help keep your insurance rates down, but we have no way of knowing what YOU will have to pay. I like the car very much. I am in the very weird position of having bought two Outbacks in less than a year. I just had to get the 6-cylinder. However, instead of trading in the 2.5i, I passed it on to my 33 year old daughter. I was very happy with the car and very confident in its safety and other attributes so that I knew she would not be getting "stuck" with a lousy car. I think the 2.5i Outback is an excellent car. I think the 3.0 is a better one, but the 2.5i is still an excellent car. :-)

  • Mo N
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    1 decade ago

    It is AWD, is stand for All Wheel Drive, it is better than the 4-WD.

    Put a set of snow tires, not necessary the stud tires, and you can probably hit the road with 6 inch packed snow without a problem. But for icy surfaces, no car can survive it as now....unless you place the stud tires.

    I assumed you are in WA or Oregon, you will need the snow tires if you are thinking to drive in winter. I have two set of tires, one is the X-Ice from Michelin that only use every 4 months during the year. While the other dry set of tire Hydroedge by Michelin, the dry set runs out faster than the snow but it worked fine for my subaru.

    (BTW: I assumed that you know how to perform defensive driving in the snow day, otherwise there is no need to own a AWD that you don't know how to control the car).

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    I Love my Subaru. They Are excellent in the snow. They are a very reliable car to own. Once you own one you will never go back to driving something that isn't all wheel drive. Oh and my whole family drives Subaru's.

    Source(s): My family owns Subaru's
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like mine. I would buy a new one if I had the money.

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