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Who is your favorite Ayn Rand charicter and why?

Howard? Dominique? John?


Dagny? Peter? James? Gail? Hank? maybe you're and Ellsworth fan?... (for your sake I really hope not)

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    Howard Roark, as a previous answerer poined out, because he's human and still manages to embody Rand's ideals. So does John Galt, but to me he is a bit too good (per her standards) to be real. He also comes across as cold and inflexible, always dramatizing and mouthing Objectivist principles; whereas Roark is more flesh and blood and emotion, as well as intellect . This is not to minimize Rand's accomplishment in so seamlessly "tell" her philosophy through the actions of the story and the attitudes, acts and words of her characters.

  • Anonymous
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    out of the fountainhead i guess you're saying? out of all her books it's dagny taggart. but howard roark because he's human. although he's got an incredible gait and posture and mind, he doesnt know how to persuade people and the secondhanders (looters) hate him for no reason, but the intellectuals feel awe and see who he really is. intellectual wasnt the right word though because mike certainly wasn't an intellectual but people who see what's wrong with people and the evils in people who expect everything from nothing and put everyone besides themselves first. ayn rand is probably the only author worth reading, and i dont even agree with her philosophy! haha, whatever is the world coming to in literature?

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