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Do you believe in the possibility that there may be life on other planets *Alien Life-forms*?

I know I believe that there are other alien life-forms on other planets in other solar systems... because this universe is so vast that you can't really deny the possibility that there are life-forms on other planets... unless of course your religion restricts you from thinking that way and you're brainwashed. Anyway, I think that there are other intelligent humanoid life forms out there, not the "Little Green Men" we see in movies, and in some video games, but actual humanoid life forms... who knows, there are so many things we can not prove right now, so why deny it?

BQ: Do you think that there are more universes out there, and maybe even another Dimension, or maybe even Close Space?

BQ2: Where do you think a Black Hole leads to?

BQ3: Did you bother reading what I wrote?

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    NASA already knows there is plenty of life all around the Universe. NASA knows intelligent civilizations are already visiting us.

    Check out the facts:

    Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin confirms on national tv there is an Alien-made object on one of Mars' Moons. Not only that, there is digital photo evidence of the structure taken by a previous Mars mission.

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    Former Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the Moon, confirms there is life throughout the Universe and some life forms are visiting Earth, and our Governments have covered it up for "quite a long time".

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    Two former NASA employees testify that previous Moon missions discovered Alien bases on the back side of the Moon, the side we never, ever see standing on Earth. There is also PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE of the bases that NASA found and deliberately (and poorly) airbrushed out before releasing them to the public.

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    NASA "accidentally" lost all of it's video from all of it's Moon missions. See the previous video and you'll understand why they "accidentally" lost it.

    Even our Presidents know the truth, or suspect it. President Reagan making a speech about Aliens to the United Nations.

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    President Clinton

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    Even the Pope and the Vatican are preparing for an announcement that Aliens are visiting Earth.

    This sighting is SPECIAL because Doppler Radar from the National Weather Service was used to confirm multiple sightings recorded from police dispatch. Both the police and the radar operator swear what they saw was not of this Earth, and the radar confirmed it. Listen to the doppler radar operator say "Oh my God! What IS that!??" on police dispatch when they call him to see if he can see on radar what they are seeing from the ground.

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    This next sighting was over Alaska in 1986. The sighting was reported by the pilot (who had 29 years flight experience) of a 747 cargo jet. He reported the UFO flew right in front of the plane. Later, military radar confirmed seeing a large unidentified object flying behind the plane, confirming absolutely what the pilot saw. This sighting is SPECIAL not only because of Radar evidence but also the cockpit recordings during the live event were captured and played during this evidence video.

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    I provided detailed, hard core evidence for everything I just said. Watch them, it won't take more than 30 minutes out of your life and you'll learn what some already have figured out. NASA is lying to the public about what it knows about life in the Universe. I haven't even begun to share the evidence I've accumulated and I'm totally disregarding the millions of people that point to the sky and say they saw something. THAT is not evidence.

    I'm talking about hard core evidence that can only be explained by one thing:

    Aliens are now around Earth.

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    Well its 100% True they exist due to the Size of the Universe. Well the Infinite expanding of the universe and planets and stars being created every Nano second.

    So Yes. I do believe in Aliens.

    It's just. I'm only 14. But i just... It's upsetting seeing people who believe in stuff like... God i mean. Like they say. How can the big bang be real. Then i say. How can a Magical man called God create the Earth?

    And i may be Young, But im intelligent.

    And yeah. Ignore Kaytlin. She must be fairly young? Or just Ignorant.

    BQ2 caught my Eye: According to Michiou Kaku if you fall into a Blackhole you will be ripped into pieces.

    BQ is Agreed.

    BQ3: Ofcourse!

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    BQ3; i read everything with great interest , i to believe in alien bi-pedal life forms exist ..this is fascinating

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    BQ,BQ2.....i,m guessing black holes are a doorway to other dimensions perhaps ( purely speculation of course ).....i also found this very excellent to watch about other universes and inter dimensional universes ,...a great watch, just make sure you can concentrate ,,s very absorbing...

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    of course there are other universes out there; we're probably a universe in another universe. just like us humans, there must be other living organisms on other planets. maybe not close by, but in are universe, yes. I strongly agree with you on the topic; who knows they're probably aliens that look exactly like each one of us.

    Source(s): i watch a lot of national geographic answers a lot of my questions(:
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    Please excuse kaitlyn, she's very young.

    Yes, most critically thinking people do understand that there is almost CERTAINLY life elsewhere in the universe.

    BQ: Possibly, no evidence yet, but who knows?

    BQ2: Assuming it leads ANYWHERE (again, no hard evidence of this), it would most likely lead to another part of our own universe.

    BQ3: yep.

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