3000 benefit fraud officers caught 51,000 Benefit thieves last year?

A Benefit fraud officer in London gets between £28.00 and £30.00 per hour and in other areas between £18.00 and £22.00 per hour.
Update: Which is less than 2(Less than 1.5 actually) a month for each officer so at that rate are they doing a good job for the huge salary?
I had a chuckle to myself when i saw on the TV that Benefit thieves should beware the net is closing in!
Your thoughts?
Update 2: At an average of £25.00 per hour that is £75,000 per hour country wide and that is 600,000 per day in wages.
Update 3: Talking straight out of rear again Mr S
Update 4: I do not mind you answering my questions as i do not mind anybody doing so but at least read my offering since when has Oxfordshire and the North East been London?
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