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If "global warming" continues will vast sheets of ice cover most of North America?

Since the Earth has been cooling since 1999, how much more of this "global warming" can we take until Ice Hockey becomes the national past time?


Adam--time to learn to read. Your chart ends at 1990. My question is from 199 to the present. Public education at its finest buddy.

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    If vast sheets of ice cover most of North America, they'll still say THAT proves global warming.

    Literally every observable phenomena has been called evidence of global warming.

    Unusually wet? Global warming.

    Unusually dry? Global warming.

    Record snow? Global warming.

    NO snow? Global warming.

    Yeah. That's the way supernatural fantasies are. Everything "proves" them.

    The ENTIRE basis for "global warming" was that it was warmer than the coldest year in modern history. The whole concept is dependent on "compared to when?"

    To the degree there is ANY correlation between increased temperature and increased CO2, (and it's an extremely weak correlation) the CO2 increase comes AFTER the warming. Yes, they say that proves more CO2 CAUSED the warming, thus proving they are mentally ill, retarded or lying. No 4th possibility exists.

    No one ever demonstrated "all the glaciers are melting." They simply observed specific locations of retreating ice while ignoring the locations where it's advancing. The ice-caps are growing.

    What kind of retard uses a graph that stops at 1990 to refute claims about 1999-2009? Still, the graph DOES show the entire vast range of temperature variation is less than 2 degrees. Imagine a Fall morning. It's 51F. Suddenly it rises to 53F!!! OH the CALAMITY!!! Now imagine it takes generations for that change to happen. Now you should understand the magnitude of the global warming crisis - assuming that is, that the coldest year in all of known time was the ideal.

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    Actually large sections of what is now North America were covered with shallow seas over 100 times in the last several millions of years, so the answer to your question is it's probable that it will happen again...more than once. On the plus side it usually takes several hundred thousands of years for this to happen and then several hundreds of thousands or even millions of years for the water in these seas to get locked up as polar ice. Human civilization started about 10,000 years ago when a significant portion of Ice Age ice had moved north and human beings began to plant crops. Since that lucky day we now have humans all over the planet burning stuff and altering the atmosphere. So far, pretty good...'warming' has been incremental though measurable and the effects small, but significant. Significant in the sense that where for millions of years there were no people, there are now literally billions of human beings still dependent on post ice age agriculture. Even a small change up or down means big troubles for everyone and everything. Even a slight change in 'climate' will change 'weather' patterns...if the rain doesn't fall people won't eat. And that, bro, is the significances of this's not the 'heat', or the cold, it's dependence that we all have on the rain and on water sources. Only a few decades or less of longer and dryer summers, as is happening NOW, will make the difference in whether a few billion people will eat or not. So don't just check the temperature, check the rain gauge. The truth is out there!

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    Actually you are correct, the earth is just ( and by just I mean in a span of 8-10 years or so) entering a period of global cooling that will last longer than you or I. Al Gore's Global warming by human CO2 Emissions is incorrect. The Earth has been and will continue to change it's temperature according to it's own will for millions of years. Who are we as humans to say that we can change that? But yes I hope the ice comes because I live in Louisiana and it's summer here for 8 months out of the year.

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    I saw a video of a Russian ice breaker trapped in the ice in Antarctica, with 100 tourists on board.

    Sounds like they need some more global warming to break free.

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    "Since the Earth has been cooling since 1999"

    This is not just a lie, it's a silly lie. It took me about 3 minutes to find this:

    The only people making such claims are either being dishonest, or are unable to understand the concept of a "trend." Which do you prefer?

    You cannot substitute your own ignorance for proof. If you are making a claim that needs factual proof, such as "most scientists agree" or "no evidence exists," then you must produce evidence. If you CANNOT produce evidence, then personal attacks or even more nonsensical claims will not rescue your argument.

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    Global warming is gonna give me beach front property here in Pa.

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    You're just taking an unusually hot year and comparing it to the rest of the decade. We are still in one of the hottest years since records were taken. Whenever you look at any sort of statistical graph, you will get peaks and lows, but you will still see a general shift upwards and in this case that correlates with the emission of green house gasses with other weather phenomenon.

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    Visit the NASA pages where they show their measurement records.

    You deserve to see the real numbers too.

    Earth has been getting warmer, not cooler.

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    i hope so, i'm going to be a ski instructor this year but it's the end of november and i've been wearing t-shirts. we don't expect to start until late december.

    one factor on global cooling/ warming whatever. greenland has reported higher temps and shrinking of the glaciers. the global decrease in temp may be the result of the ice caps melting. 70% of the earth is water which maintains a steady temp due to (i forget the name) it's a property of water where water retains the same temp for longer than air or land. Soooo as the ice caps melt due to global warming this lowers the temp of the sea by this ice melt water which is cold, creating what would appear to you as a decrease in temps. however this is a short term effect. eventually the water will lose it's temp even though it takes much longer.

    Scientists have already discussed this, what it also leads to is the currents of the ocean will stop. these currents cycle water around the oceans and regulate temps. It has already been said that one of the last ice ages occured because of just such a thing. once the ocean cycles stop it becomes stagnant and the whole globe froze over and was completely encrusted in ice. because the currents stopped and no longer cycled heat around the globe. So yes you are correct if global warming continues it may lead to a global ice age. You may find this preposterous and counter intuitive but the most interesting things in physics and science are counter intuitive.

    for example (not to get off topic) you might imagine an objects natural state is to stop or be at rest. in your everyday experience if you throw something or push something you notice it tends to stop. believe it or not this is not the natural state of matter. one fundamental principle of ophysics is that an object in motion stays in motion unless compelled to change that motion by a net force. This means if you push some thing at say 20mph, by the laws of physics that thing should continue traveling at 20mph forever and ever and ever. trust me it's true. the reason you do not experience this phenomena is because you and everything you've ever seen is stuck to a huge chunk of rock hurling through space at thousands of miles per hour. the forces exerted on us and our materials are extreme as a natural state to us. for one we have 1 psi pushing down on us simply from the air over our heads. That is enough pressure to crush steel yet the human body deals with this force always. to view this get a high powered vacum and hook it up to an empty gas tank off a car. if you pump the air out of the tank the 1 psi of air pressure will crumple that steel gas tank like a beer can. Humans deal with this pressure in much the way a deep sea fish can withstand the pressure of the ocean. It's not a matter of being stronger than the force pushing on you it is by regulating the internal pressure vs the external pressure. so by sucking air out of the gas tank you decrease pressure inside and it crushes. go to space and the pressure is greater inside your body and without protection you will explode. go too deep in the sea, pressure outside and you implode. this is a force that effects everything we see in terrestrial physics. but is not the natural state of matter. we are also acted on by gravity and in the case of pushing or throwing objects they are slowed by friction and air resistance. an interesting fact when you shoot a gun it does not stop because it flew as far as it could go and ran out of energy (in theory it should continue at that speed forever. what happens is gravity pulls the bullet to the ground and it grinds into dirt or other material which stops it. i only mention this because i find it interesting and it shows how so many things are counter intuitive and not as they appear to common observation. thus my idea about melt water (which happens because of heat) leads to a situation where it appears to be cooling. whats what with global warming? idk but i would trust my physics professor on the issue long before i listen to what rush limbaugh has to say about it.

    i have shown that global warming can lead to global cooling by effecting the temperature of the seas inundating it with colder water from melted ice caps. this cold water flows around the earth regulating and dropping temperatures. this is entirely possible. you can argue how much humans are responsible if you like but I would not rule out humans effect on nature given the large amounts of chemicals we pump in the air. chemicals may sometimes get into atmospheres of many planets naturally as well. however we know what chemicals we're dumping into the air and we know they are bad and what their effects are. venus for instance is filled with..... co2 (i think, check with a astronomer), we can see the effects of it's high co2 content and can do experiments here on earth simply by filling a clear plastic box with co2 and one without. the gas acts like a greenhouse (hence the name greenhouse effect) and makes things hotter. What is the earths capacity or limit to co2 and how much are we producing? This should be a fairly simple calculation and i imagine scientists have actually taken the time to write it out and solve it. I would bet they are the ones concerned about this issue. I live in NY and have lived in china and can personally see and taste the air pollution. I pretty sure it's not good for you, on a human level and a global level.

    it's extremely long winded and complex, i don't expect you to understand but i assure you physics works at least better than the alternatives of praying to god or limbaugh neither of which have ever led to any tangible results.

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    the earth goes through its cycles,and whoever said it was the warmest summer on record,not where i live it wasnt

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