Buy American- Challenge!?

Okay, so this holiday season, I know I'm planning on buying American goods. It's hard but it's a nice challenge. This is a challenge, to inspire everyone a little bit. I am going to list 3 'families' with personalities. You can choose 1 family (or more) and 'buy' gifts for them, but they must be American. Just list the family you did, and the gift you bought for each person. Each family has 6 figures to buy for, so one gift for each. Here's a good website to inspire you:

*The Jones family*:

*Dad- James-52 years old- Sales Representative- James is a guys guy. He likes sports, cars, TV and other electonics, and food. James usually wears casual clothing when not working, and he has barbeques with friends as often as he can.

*Mom- Joanne- 50 years old- Interior designers- Joanne is an interior designer, and loves anything to do with the home. She likes cooking, and decorating stuff for her home. Joanne especially likes unique, creative items.

*Son- James- 21 years old- College Senior- James is a college senior and is a star athlete. He loves all sports, particularly football, and anything to do with them. He is also a decent student and likes to find new things to help him study.

*Son- Jack- 19 years old- College Sophomore- Jack is also in college and loves music. He is an avid guitar player, and loves gadgets and gizmos to go along with that. He is also into comedy, and loves anything, including clothing that reflects that.

*Daughter- Julie- 17 years old- Julie is an environmental activist. She loves anything green, expecially clothing. Julie also is into gardening, and loves anything with that, especially things that are environmentally concious, yet young and hip.

*Cat- Jules- Jules is spoiled and doesn't play with toys anymore, but prefers treats.

*Ryan Family*:

*Dad- Robert- 45 years old- lawyer- Robert is an achiever. He loves his family, but is devoted to his job. Robert loves anything for his office, especially stuff that also shows his love for his family. Robert drinks coffee every morning, and loves anything coffee!

*Mom- Rhonda- 42 years old- lawyer- like her husband, Rhonda is also a lawyer. She also loves anything to do with her family and job, but is also quite a fashionista. Rhonda loves clothes and accessories but at the same time, likes to look professional.

*Daughter- Rachel- 14 years old- Rachel is into fashion, just like her mom. Rachel loves texting, facebook and reality shows, and anything to do with clothes, shoes, accessories or technology.

*Son- Raymond- 12 years old- Raymond is sort of a geek. He loves seeing how things work, and is really into studying archaeology and dinosaurs.

*Daughter- Riley- 10 years old- Riley has quite an imagination. She loves making things up and is really theatrical. Riley is a great singer and actress and loves anything that she can use to make up stories or plays, or that reflects her talents.

*Grandma- Regina- 73 years old- Regina is a wonderful grandmother who is the homemaker. Regina cooks and cleans the house while Robert and Rhonda are working. She loves her grandkids, and anything to make them happy, including treats and such. She also has quite a collection of 'I love my grandchildren' items and loves to add to it.

*Smith family*:

*Dad- Sam- 34 years old- teacher- Sam is a devoted dad, as well as a traveler and adventurer. Sam loves anything to do with his kids, or anything to make family vacations a little easier.

*Mom- Sarah- 34 years old- Stay at home mother- Sarah is a supermom! She can pack a lunch, while arguing with a 3 year old and feeding a baby. She loves anything to help her clean and cook faster, as she has to take care of her kids at the same time. Sarah never has any 'me' time either, so something to help her get some may be nice as well.

*Son- Steven- 7 years old- Steven is into superheros, sports and all little boys things. He loves toys, and doesn't like clothing. He particularly enjoys outdoor activities and also likes boardgames.

*Daughter- Samantha- 3 years old- Samantha is like a little princess herself, and loves anything girly or princessy. She too enjoys toys more than clothes, although she likes dress up. She is very headstrong

*Daughter- Sienna- 4 months old- Sienna is always in pink and purple. Sarah likes flowery things for her, and anything cute as a button. She shows interest in some toys, mostly stuffed animals, that *Sarah can animate to grab her attention.

Dog- Sparkles- Sparkles is very playful and loves all toys.

Be creative! Good luck!

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