how do i get help for my child in school he has type 1 diabetes, we are in the uk. step by step guide?

my son is in shropshire I dont know wht steps I need to take to get him assistance in school hours. He is unaware of hypos and is on insulin mdi. He is 5 years old and the headmaster says Shropshire dont give this kind of help to diabetics? I know other 5 years get full time help in other parts of the uk where do I start?

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    Perhaps even speak with his teacher? Also, check with his doctor or the insurance company about the option of an Insulin Pump with a CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) to see if that would be a viable option for him. I don't know the age requirements on these, as I'm a Type 2 and don't take insulin. I have read that they are pretty easy to use and the CGMS would provide him with near constant feedback on his numbers. It would also make it easier for a teacher or a nurse to see exactly what is going on.

    Good luck to you! Diabetes Forums (in my source below) has a very friendly and helpful community of people who are Type 1's, or parents of Type 1's, and who use the pump. There are also a couple of other sites dedicated to Parents of Type 1 children that may be able to provide good answers.

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    Start with a letter from the doc huni...and a kick to the face for that ignorant pig with the first awnser...coz he seems to be an ***...sayin that would cure a diabetic child!! It would more than likely kill the poor wee guy. But yeah, get a Docs Letter.

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    Just tell him to eat a bag of sugar every day and he will be cured.

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