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U.S. Preventive Services say now that mammograms 'unnecessary expense' for women under 40....?

Despite the proof that self-exams and mammographies before 50 saves lives...

The media is trying to clean up the reasons but I read the breifing yesterday when it came out and one of the first reasons given was the cost...........

Is this Zeke's Emmanuels first 'allocation of scarce medical resources' as we head towards Nationalized Health Care?

Is it proof that it is the Democrats who now want women to just "die quickly"?

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  • joeyc
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    It is just a "preview of things to come"

    Dr. Daniel Kopans Professor of Radiology at Harvard said "the new guidelines are scientifically unjustified and will condemn women ages 40-49 to unnecessary deaths from Breast Cancer"

    Dr's. Lee and Lichtenfeld said "they fear insurers private and public will use guidelines to pare back mammograms".

    The " American Cancer Society" and the " American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists" said "they will not change their guidelines."

    My personal opinion to All women out there, and the men who love them, take this "new guideline" very seriously. Think about this carefully if this becomes part of the "Health care Reform" 2000 page MONSTROSITY, before you cast your next Vote!

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    They're just trying to safe money by cutting preventative care for the little people. Rest assured that lawmakers don't actually follow their own laws. They and their daughters will start testing in their mid twenties.

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    This isn't a political question. This is something doctors, public health experts, and researchers should discuss.

    Medical procedures change over time. Is there another cheaper procedure out now that can replace a mammogram?

    I don't know because I am not a physician.

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    If an agency of the federal government says it, question it seriously. I was astounded at the claim that most women do their self exams wrong. Sound like too much Big Brother to me

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    You think it's just Democrats who are in favor of this insurance company approved health care "reform" they are pushing? How naive.

    Of course it's because the cost. You can't blame the politicians for this. Place blame where it belongs, on the insurance companies who put profit before people.

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    wow i guess a mammogram played no role in saving my life when it was found I has stage 3 breast cancer at age 26.

  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    No, because they have been making recommendations for years. But recommendations are not mandates, and they never have been.

  • They are just getting you prepped for the public option

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    You are so naive.

    Its the insurance companies. NOT politicians.

    Stop playing the victim, especially when you don't even know who the bully is.

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