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what is mean by chatting?

what is chat.plz explained me

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    chat :- informal conversation

    On the Internet, chatting is talking to other people who are using the Internet at the same time you are. Usually, this "talking" is the exchange of typed-in messages requiring one site as the repository for the messages (or "chat site") and a group of users who take part from anywhere on the Internet. In some cases, a private chat can be arranged between two parties who meet initially in a group chat. Chats can be ongoing or scheduled for a particular time and duration. Most chats are focused on a particular topic of interest and some involve guest experts or famous people who "talk" to anyone joining the chat. (Transcripts of a chat can be archived for later reference.)

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    Real-time conversation among computer users in a networked environment such as the Internet. After a user types a text message and presses the Enter key, the text immediately appears on the other users' computers, permitting typed conversations that are often only somewhat slower than normal conversation. A chat can be private (between two users) or public (where other users can see the messages and participate if they wish). Public chatting is conducted in “chat rooms,” Web sites devoted to chat, usually about a specific topic. The thousands of chat rooms now available typically use the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol,


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    Chat is a form of communication between two or more users via computers and computer networks in real time (real-time). It is a very short messages that users see when they send his interlocutor (usually by pressing the Enter key). real chat wensite looks like (live example) : http://www.chatt.info/ or like http://www.hehechat.net/ where thousands of users chatting...

    In some chat sessions are called. rooms in which both the story and to tens (or even hundreds) of users, some of the discussion is limited to a few participants, while others may combine these two types. For some chats do not need anything except the Web browser and the Java programming language, while some are grown in separate computer programs, most notably Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger), Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, etc.

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    Chat rooms have been used for years as a way to socialize with others. Businesses are now using chat rooms to connect with clients, other offices and potential customers. From one-on-one chat to chat rooms full of employees and clients, business chat has a place in almost every company. Businesses may use chat rooms within the company or place chat rooms on their website to interact with visitors quickly. Public business chat rooms can also be used to allow employees to interact throughout the day.

    Employees working on projects together can meet in a company chat room and discuss details without ever leaving their desks or travelling to different locations.

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