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How is life in Richardson, TX?

I'm living in Sacramento, CA all my life . But my husband will move to Richardson for his new job in June, I'm so afraid of leaving. Is this a nice city or can any one specifically let me know which neighborhood is nice? We also look for a good school for our 8 years old son. Music is his passion so is there any good piano teacher or music program in this city? He also plays golf and is in swim team and chess club, is there any place that my son can continue his activities in Richardson? What is the price range for house? Is it cheaper than CA?

How is skin care business? I'm a 16 years esthetician and would love to start my career in this city, will I have a good opportunity here? Thanks so much.

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    Richardson is my favorite city. I have family who live there, and I've considered moving there myself. As it is, I drive there several times per week to eat at my favorite restaurants, and I like the eclectic atmosphere. They have large trees in the well established neighborhoods.

    The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Light Rail "Red Line" runs from downtown Dallas, through Richardson to North Plano.

    Richardson Arts

    North Texas Swim Teams

    Plano, TX (Just North of Richardson) - Aquaducks Youth Swim Team

    Richardson schools are good. They have a lot of extra curricular opportunities for the students.

    Plano ISD is one of the best in the state, and offers plenty of extra curricular activities.

    Frisco schools are good, but lack the plethora of extra curricular programs that Richardson and Plano offer.

    Allen, TX schools are excellent. They offer more extra curricular opportunities than Frisco, TX simply because the schools have been developed for a longer period of time. Frisco is growing by leaps and bounds, and the schools are having a hard time keeping up. Allen ISD ratings are some of the best in the state, but the number of programs do not match Plano and Richardson. Allen Band is the largest in the U.S..

    Cross Timbers Youth Orchestra is based in Allen, but Plano, Frisco and McKinney youths also participate.

    If you want your son to do better on his SAT scores, you should choose Plano schools. Their students' SAT scores blow other schools away.

    Plano home prices range from affordable to multi-million dollar homes. Some people will say there is a bad area of Plano, but compared to many other cities, Plano really doesn't have a bad area. The West side of Plano is the "entitled" mcmansion side, and the east side (East of N. Central Expwy.) has cute smaller homes as well as nice, newer homes with large lots and plenty of trees. The East side of Plano also has two beautiful, huge city parks where they hold a balloon festival and outdoor concerts.

    You will have no trouble finding a job as an esthetician any where in the area North of Dallas. People in this area are very "appearance conscious".


    If your son loves chess, he would be interested to know that the University of Texas at Dallas is actually in Richardson. UTD houses a nationally renowned chess team that has won numerous prestigious awards.

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    Houses in the Dallas area cost at least half what you'd expect to pay for the same thing in California. Of course I'm referring to the way it was before the housing bust.

    Richardson is a nice, older, middle class suburb. Plano & Frisco just north of Dallas, are nice suburbs and very desirable for families with young children.

    Since your husband will be working in Richardson it would be convenient to live there. Check it out first and if it isn't what you're looking for look at Plano & Frisco.

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    Richardson is a middle class bedroom community North of Dallas.

    It has some very nice neighborhoods and some areas that are not so nice.

    It has a good school system, but again some schools are lacking.

    There are several very good music teachers in the area, and he can continue all of his activities.

    The cost of living is much cheaper in Texas, you can get a very nice house for less than $200,000.

    There are many skin clinics and spas in the area.

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