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幫我英翻中 惠妮休斯頓-Worth It 這首歌 謝謝


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    (1段)This is for the lovers holding hands in the car獻給車裡牽著手的情侶

    This is for the lovers no matter where you are獻給無論在何處的情侶

    This is for you (is for you, is for you, is for you)獻給你(給你x3)

    This is for you (is for you, is for you)獻給你(給你x2)

    (2段)This is for the lovers just getting on their feet獻給剛起步的情侶

    This is for the lovers bout' twenty years deep獻給大約20歲的情侶

    This is for you (is for you, is for you, is for you) 獻給你(給x3)

    This is for you (is for you, is for you) 獻給你(給你x2)

    It's a beautiful thing, when it's shared between two當它被兩人分享時它是美麗的

    The most beautiful thing about it它最美的地方

    That is so much more than you比你還重要的

    There ain't nothing in the world like (being with your lover)沒有任何事能跟(當你的愛人比較)

    Nothing in the world like (seeing one another)沒有任何事能跟(談戀愛比較)

    Happy with the one you need the most與你重要的人開心度過


    I know somebody's gonna make love to this song tonight (tonight. tonight, tonight)我知道今晚有人會對著這首歌做愛(今晚x3)

    I know somebody's out of town and their calling home tonight我知道今晚有人出鎮打電話回家

    Let me tell you what they’re saying right now讓我告訴你他們正在說什麼

    They’re saying..他們正在說…


    It aint hard to tell when it's something real看出事實並不難

    You can have the world all you want is them你能擁有全世界但你只想要他們

    Even when you're in a crowd and you spot it from a mile (Even in a crowd)就算你在人群之中驚鴻一暼(人群之中)

    That's when you know love is worth it那一刻你知道愛是值得的


    When it's going wrong and you never give up即使狀況轉壞你也不放棄

    When you're on the phone and you never hang up你講電話時從不掛掉

    Even when you're feeling down, they can always make you smile (Even when you're down)就算你沮喪 他們總是能逗你笑(就算你沮喪)

    That's when you know love is worth it那一刻你知道愛是值得的


    This is for baby..獻給小嬰兒…

    Some people feel it, they let it show有些人感覺到就會表現出來

    Some people miss it, they let it go有些人疏忽掉就隨便放掉

    Some people doubt it, Im go tell you now, 有些人會懷疑 但我告訴你

    They don't know a thing about it他們什麼都不懂

    That's why they doubt it這就是他們懷疑的原因

    Some people give it有些人付出

    Some people take it有些人接受

    Some people try to, but they can't fake it有些人嘗試過但還是沒辦法假裝

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    That's why when it's official you just can't walk away這就是為什麼就算已經已成定局你還是離不開

    And you can trust me when I say相信我 我說的是真的

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