A Christmas Carol Questions. Please Help!?

In class we are reading a Christmas Carol and I have not been there but I need to answer these worksheet questions. I don't know the story so I need some help.

1. What changed Scrooge's attitude toward Christmas?

2. Why did Belle break up with Scrooge?

3. Why does the Spirit show Scrooge the scene with Belle and her husband and children? What emotion does this release in Scrooge?

4. How has Scrooge changed since the beginning of his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past?

5. Are there any changes Scrooge can make in his life to make up for his behavior?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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    1. The ghosts of his past helping him realize how unwanted, greedy, and ungrateful he is and was.

    2. She broke up with him, because his mind was on his money and not tending to her needs.

    3. The spirit shows him that scene to give a different view and helps him realize why exactly she left him. He regretted it, and he wanted the young boy (him) to go after her.

    4. He had convinced himself that he would change. He didn't want everybody being glad that he was gone. He didn't want the sad future of what had become of his dwell of the past. He felt to be grateful and giving will make it to happiness.

    5. Treat people better. Be grateful. Give and not be stubbornly greedy. Accept the past and learn how to work with the present to create a happier future.

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    1 decade ago

    1. The visits of the three ghosts. Each one teaches him something.

    2. Because he only cared about work and money.

    3. To show that Belle had a good life, children, a family, etc.,which Scrooge missed out on.

    4. He realized that he's been missing out on life because he only cared about money.

    5. He begins to make them as soon as he wakes up on Christmas morning. He brings food and gifts to Bob Cratchit's house and gives Bob a raise so Tiny Tim can get his operation. He gives a large amount of money to the men who are collecting for charity (he says it includes 'a great many back payments') Plus he goes to his nephew's party (I think. I might be remembering the movie).

  • 1 decade ago

    1. the vision the 3 ghosts gave him

    2. ? forget

    3. Sadnest

    4. getting more sad everytime

    5. Yes many he changes the way his worker works and pays him more, and helps tiny tim

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, in you simply answer in these worksheet questions. It's always been like that and that's the way that it will very likely stay

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