Advice on purchasing an AR-15?

I am getting ready to purchase my first AR-15. I really like the LWRC M6A3, which costs right at 2,000 dollars. Is this a good choice, or would I be better off with something like a colt or bushmaster?

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    1 decade ago
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    LWRC makes a fine rifle in my opinion.

    Now to be honest, I agree with the rest of the group. One thing most people don't understand is there maybe 50 different AR15 brands on the market but there is only a handful of companies actually machining parts for the AR15. This mean one machine shop manufactures parts for multiple brands. Example is Continental Machine Tool produces parts from Stag, RRA, Colt, and Wilson Tactical. The main thing that really separates a lot of AR15 is brand names and retail prices. So a lot of people like my self prefer to buy a Bushmaster or DPMS and use the rest of that money on a high dollar AR15 to buy ammo or accessories. In fact a lot of our Sheriff's Deputies use DPMS and Clots as service rifles.

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    I agree $2000 is too much for an AR-15 especially if it doesn't include a sight or other custom features. You may be better off with a Bushmaster or something off the shelf. However, if you want something a little different there is a small company out of Winchester, KY called DoubleStar Corp. They make fantastic ARs and actually machine many of their own parts. My rifle is all DoubleStar parts except for a lower receiver from Spikes Tactical(only because DoubleStar was sold out). My rifle has some custom features and was built ambidexterous and it cost me about $850. Check out and which is DoubleStars parent company. They have fantastic customer service and may also be able to connect you with a local gun smith who can get you set up with them.

    Source(s): Long time AR owner and enthusiast.
  • Jeff
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    I dont know exactly what you have in mind for your gun... a patrol rifle for all I know...

    A LEO grade AR or M4 can be had for $1200.00... of course a serious operator with a budget might pop for a Wilson or Baer.

    If your a "rock pit" shooter who likes to let off steam 30 rounds at a time... a $700 Bushmaster may work good enough for you (or it may riding in your local deputies trunk for that price also)

    Rock River A2 rifles with the "National Match" parts are going for less than $1500 on the online auctions sights.

    I have a eyeball on a COLT LEO ONLY marked M4 in a local shop for $1200... NIB

    It's your money.

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    Colt is the way to go with Bushmaster a close second. All others can hang! Colt can be had for $1300 new in the box on Gunbroker. For $2000 you can get a FN FS-2000 wich I highly recomend!!

    Source(s): I have one.
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  • tim
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    I paid 1,200 for mine. It is a dpms custom build with an a2 stock, Heavy 20'' barrel, free floated dcm handguards, nm sights and titanium carrier group. Also it has a 1-8 twist barrel. It drives tacks at 100 yards even with mounted sights. You could build one in just about any configuration for the same or less money considering the titanium carrier group costs like an extra 250.

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    Bushmaster is ok, but if I had that to spend, I'd go ahead and get a Colt or an LMT. LWRC is nice, but it won't do anything that a Colt or LMT won't do except cost more.

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    My advice would be to do all of the research I could before buying. You need to determine what your purpose for this rifle are going to be, such as duty/ tactical competitions, plinking, hunting, target shooting. That will help determine which features you will need.

    Places to look for the best info: This site is full of industry professionals with years of experience with the AR platform. They also have a great chart showing the standard features of the major builders.

    the chart:

    Knowledge based threads:

    More Knowledge threads:

    I would also check out

    If I was planning on spending a lot of money I would go with a rifle from:

    Colt rifles are now starting to be found for right at $1000 if you know where to look.

    As far as duty rifles it is hard to beat Colt, LMT, or Bravo Company Machine.

    or one of the daniel defense rifles from

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    $2000 is too much to spend on one of these rifles..... An off the shelf $995 Bushmaster is just fine..... When you start spending too much cash for these AR15 rifles I say you start to get diminishing returns....

    A decent rifle can be had for $995 to $1300 --- any more is a waste of money......

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    You can pick up a Colt 6920 for 1200.00 which is one of your more popular models among Law Enforcement. Then use the rest of that money on some ammo.

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    I wouldn't spend more than 1000 on an AR15 because you can get a solid shooter for a lot less than that. A lot of times you pay big bucks for nothing more than a fancy/trendy name brand.

    Source(s): Nine years Army, including some time as an Armorer.
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