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Deer hunting help!!!!!?

Okay so i hunt in central minnesota on the edge of a woods overlooking a hayfield. On the other edge of the hay field ( About 200 yards away ) is a bigger woods. I know there are mature bucks in the woods but they never show they're face. Ive tried scents, calls, and food like buck jam and salt blocks. i would like to know any way to get the bucks to come to my field. I Use...

-270 savage rifle with simmons 3-9 scope

-Mad dog buck growl

-Primos original can doe bleat


-rattling antlers

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Use some scent.

    Roger Raglin's® Whitetail Maniac™ 150.

    In 1992, Roger Raglin harvested 5 Whitetail Bucks over 150 Boone & Crockett points (4 Pope & Youngs!) What's his secret? Here it is folks... bottled for you and at a LOW Guide price! Here's how you use it: approximately 300 yards from your stand sight, apply an ample amount to a rag in order to create a scent trail. Re-apply more scent to your rag and leave it in an open shooting lane near your stand.

    Do your scouting early and find out where the deer are going to be.

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    Most of it is luck and timeing, but if you know they are in the woods. Find you a decent game trail and hunt it. Dont make yourself obviously there. Go to the bucks, a mature buck knows better than to go out in the field and the only way you will catch him there is during the rut.

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    I agree with slip. This year was the first time I tried anything other than patience (C'mere Deer). Well, the early rifle season is over here and no deer in the freezer. I'd just sit back and chill in your stand if that's your method. Try stalking them if you want to do something different. But if all the gizmos haven't worked yet, chances are they won't any time soon.

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    well, I take it you don't have access to these bigger woods?

    I honestly cannot give you advice in getting these deer.

    can you access the hay field, put up a blind of hay bales closer to the "bigger Woods"

    You could try that "buck Bomb" run a scent line from a deer trail to you in a slight zig-zag path.

    good luck to ya.

    Source(s): 30 plus years of hunting... in Michigan.
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    set up a timed feeder in what looks like a flat area where trees are cleared and see if any game trails lead to the clearing minnesota is covered with deer just be patient

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    Its kind of like the famous false quote - why do you rob banks? "Because that's where the money is."

    A simple lesson I learned about hunting: Don't hang out where the animals aren't. Go find them.

    amazingly effective.

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    the best thing to do, if you know where they are nothing.

    just be there, that's all. some times to many calls and scents and doodads well just scare them off.

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