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So what exactly is Broadway (I mean I know what it IS, I mean like building wise. Is it like one theatre or a whole bunch together in one building or what)? Also which city is it in? And off-broadway, what about it? Thanks

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    Disregard the first response. Broadway is a street in New York City that runs from Yonkers at the northern end all the way to the southern end of Manhattan. However in the context of theater, "Broadway" refers to a group of theaters in midtown Manhattan, most of which are not on Broadway itself but on the cross streets on the west side in the 40's and 50's. There are a few actually on Broadway plus the Louise Lortel theater at Lincoln Center. Each theater is its own separate location. Many theaters will be on the same city block since there are so many of them.

    "Off-Broadway" refers to a group of theaters in other parts of New York City, not in the midtown area.

    More information can be found at

    List of Broadway theaters:

    List of off-Broadway theaters:

    By the way, when a Broadway show goes on the road that's known as a "touring company" and the show is said to be on tour.

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    WOW you're oblivious... broadway for the average five year old: broadway is a street in new york city. it has many theatres on it. they are all separate buildings. they are not all directly next door to each other. it is a very long street. when a play or musical is off-broadway, that means that it once was on broadway, but now travels around to different cities.

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