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What japanese alphabet / writing system is used for keitai shosetsu books? (cell phone novels)?

I've been reading about the keitai shosetsu in Japan, and was wondering if they used kanjii, romanjii, katakana, or hiragana ??

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    They're written with kanji and hiragana, like most Japanese writings.

    However, if you're worried about not being able to read them because of difficult kanji, don't be. The thing is, with these digital books, they can only use the limited amount kanji found on cell phones, the rest is in hiragana.

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  • puente
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    Keitai Shosetsu

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  • Belie
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    Because of the short character length, it's very important they use kanji. Otherwise it would be impossibly costly to read. It's not just written using kana and definitely not romaji.

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