How much blood to you have to lose before you pass out?

Not trying to be immature, I'm seriously wondering.

I am a cutter, yes, and I've gotten to the point where I've been dizzy to stand up a couple of times, but never passed out of anything. I've been called a "hardcore cutter" or "severe cutter" by a variety of different doctors, and have had to get stitches on 10 different cuts. I've also had to get butterfly stitches on two cuts, and sterie strips on 17 cuts. There are also many times where I'm told that I *need* stitches but I simply ignore them and move on.

Yet, through all of this, I've never passed out. I don't know, for some reason I got the idea that it was pretty common for cutters, so I was curious about it. Is it just that I have a high tolerance and it's specifically harder for me to lose consciousness, or is it normal to resist passing out?

In my previous questions, I do have a link to a picture of a cut of mine... Not horribly severe, IMO, only slightly more than normal now that I'm basically on a "lay low" stage, but it's just an example.

Thanks for the answers


J.G. -- Okay, thanks for the answer. If you needed info, I'm 16, 5'3" and about 110 pounds (more or less).

Also, I know some people are "easy bleeders", and that's never been me. Could that contribute at all? I mean, I've learned many different ways to stop bleeding faster (like holding the cut above my heart, using pressure, getting a wash cloth wet and using pressure as a combination, etc), but the cuts usually bleed through band-aids for a week or more, still. Not horribly, but sometimes through clothes.

The only ones I've actually gotten stitches for are the ones that were severe. I was told that they were centimeters deep... One was literally to the bone.

The times I got stitches for "recommendations because of scaring" were the times I got sterie strips. The actual 10 that I got stitches on, I also had to get deep stitches under my skin to hold it together there, as well, and had to be unfortunately and somewhat embarrassingly rushed to the hospital...awkward times...

Update 2:

scarring*** not scaring.

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    It depends on a few factors including body size. An adult generally has about 10-12 pints of blood. A large man may have have about 13. Obviously, someone with 13 pints would fair better losing blood then someone with only 10. A child or very small adult would have less then 10. This is why you MUST be 17 and be above a certain weight to give blood and only can ever 8 weeks. The amount taken at blood donations is 1 pint. For some people that is enough to cause fainting. For most adults It does take more then 1 pint. Almost anyone would pass out around 2-3 pints. 4-5 pints would be lethal for most people.

    No it is not not having a higher just are not losing as much blood as you think. You cant have a resistance to passing body would just not be able to function. take 2 cups of water and dump it out on a table and look at how much that REALLY is. However SEEING your cuts or knowing how much you cut or how big or whatever means NOTHING. All it takes is one small cut in the wrong place and you could bleed to death. You could have many many large cuts that hit no major veins and don't pose that huge of a risk of blood loss.

    The main reason for recommending stitches with cuts is to promote healing and prevent infection.....not because of risk of blood loss. If your blood loss was a risk you would get a transfusion.


    It really didn't matter, but yes you probably have around 10 pints of blood, and 2-2 and a half pints would cause you to pass out and 4 pints would kill you

    Yes some people are "easy bleeders" but that is generally because they do not clot as well.....the could bleed much more severely from a minor cut. MOST people do not have this case. Yes there are factors that do slow bleeding faster. However if you were to cut yourself somewhere that would cause you to bleed to death....or enough to pass out.....those things would not help fast enough to slow the bleeding.....only a tourniquet would. A cut that would cause you to bleed enough to pass out would more likely then not cause you to die if you did not get medical help soon enough. You really are just not losing as much blood as you think you are. A pint is a lot of blood. You would probably completely soak a full towel very quickly if you were bleeding that badly. Our bodys are made so that they make themselves stop bleeding. Yes you may soak through band aid a whole week.....that is because the cut keeps splitting back open and bleeding more from you moving....that is what stitches prevent from happening. is not that much blood. Would only take about half a teaspoon of blood, if even that to soak through a large band-aid. You could soak though bandages all week and maybe only lose about 1/4 -1/2 a cup of blood.

    As far as fainting, i forgot to mention, there are also people with low blood pressure, who would pass out after losing far less blood. Also, there are people that faint at the sight of blood.....and that is not the same as passing out from blood loss. Some will at the sight of any blood, some at only their own. Some people it is just an occasional thing.....that could be fine seeing their own blood much of the time....then one time it causes dizziness or fainting. There is probably more of a chance your being dizzy was involved with this kind of reaction then actually having lost so much blood.

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    to comment on the question. I m not generally a cutter or maybe I am. I cut myself when I fight with someone I love or when I have major stress.,. generally to kill myself, but a few weeks ago I cut myself so that I could see the raw vein on my arm and nearly passed out. I lost about 2 pints of blood but I m also a blood donor. Which normally take a pint and a half. a Half for blood test and a pint to save lives, so I m use to it. so my question is what is the tolerance that a man can endure in blood loss before he dies

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    1 1/2 unit of blood or about 700 unit. small bag. yep been there and done that passed out with withdrawel of 500 unit + half bag 250 unit . out like a light

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    1 pint

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    Somehow stumbled upon this question and I know it s from many years ago, but I really hope that you have overcome your cutting and the only scars you have are from the distant past. Praying for you, mystery person.

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    >40% = death

    >30% = drastically lowered mental status, shock

    I don't think you'd 'pass out', you'd go into shock or die

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