Non-RHH: Give me a list of your favorite vocalist (open range of genres)?

List a few (or more) of your favorite singers.

RHH1: What ever happened to Mood's new album? I heard something about it but I've been too busy to look into it. Any news?

RHH2: Most obscure album you've ever heard/owned/etc...That you liked too.

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  • kN0!Ze
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    1 decade ago
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    Ella Fitzgerald

    Smokey Robinson

    Vicente Fernandez

    Louis Armstrong

    Frank Sinatra

    Dennis Brown

    Jose Alfredo Jimenez

    Bob Marley

    Mary Wells

    Nat King Cole

    Maria Toledo

    Pedro Infante

    Billy Stewart

    Chalino Sanchez

    Daniel Santos

    Celia Cruz

    Michael Jackson

    Brenton Wood

    John Lennon

    Rigo Tovar

    First 20 that come to my head.

    RHH1 : Not sure.

    RHH2 : actually, I think a lot of people would find "Dr.Octagonecologyst" pretty obscure, so i'll go with that.

  • 1 decade ago

    Cee-Lo is my favorite.

    I like Chris Martin from Coldplay.

    I like Damon Albarn alot.


    There's alot of good singers.

    RHH1: Dont know who that is.

    RHH2: Lootpack- Soundpieces: Da Antidote

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