Mac or PC: Which one is better?

I have a Dell right now, but I hate it since it's slow and never works, but that may be because I've had it for a while.


I'm trying to search for a new laptop.

I'm in college and I basically need a computer that will open up any type of documents that my teachers may post, I need to be able to access the online websites that teachers use to post homework on, etc, etc.

I also want a computer that'll be good for storing pictures and videos, good with photo editing, and other stuff like that.

Also, if you had to choose one (disregarding my needs on why I need the computer), which one would you choose and why?

And more specifically, which model would you recommend (example: Dell, Toshiba, MAC Pro, etc)

Sorry for asking so many questions, but any help is deeply appreciated! Thanks!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Based on your needs I think a PC is better. What you have to think about is that %90 of the world uses PC's including business and most schools. Granted some schools are using macs based on the fewer chances of virus's but if your in college getting ready for the real world I would say get a PC and get used to it. Almost all servers and business set ups work on a PC base. Your not going to get to play with macs at work. Besides when it all boils down PC's are better anyway.

    Good Luck with you decision. I hope mine wasnt to biased.


  • 1 decade ago


    I hate Macs as they are worthless computers for what I do

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