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How is the Newsweek picture of Sarah Palin sexist? And do you think it's sexist?

Here's a link to the picture and a news article covering it:


You may have seen this picture, I don't know. I was just wondering how she could think it's sexist? So she's wearing shorts. It's not like they're Daisy Dukes or anything and she's wearing a shirt. I personally don't find ANYTHING sexist with it. I have seen way less on people on magazines at the supermarket. I think she is just looking for something to nitpick at and critique.

Also, if she thinks it's so sexist and demeaning, then why did she pose for it in the first place? That part definitely doesn't make any sense to me. She seems to be contradicting herself again.

So what do you think?


Um, thank you very much, but it WAS on Newsweek. They used the photo from another shoot. Did you not SEE the picture?

Update 2:

By the way, "Fags Give Rainbows a Bad Name" (classy name, by the way, really classy) you lead me to believe that you are probably just a bitter 40 year old bachelor living in his mother's basement with the way you talk.

Update 3:

Excuse me MIKE HAWK, but WHAT accomplishments? The only thing I ever remember her doing is whining about Katie Couric and saying over and over again, "I can see Alaska from my house!" Big accomplishments.

Update 4:

I'm not saying that she's responsible for Newsweek putting the photo on their cover, I'm just asking if and how the photo itself is sexist. Also if Palin didn't like it and thought it was sexist, then why did she pose for it in the first place.

Don't try to overdo it and read into it too much because you'll just end up making yourself look ignorant for straying off topic.

Update 5:

Earlier, I meant Russia. Alaska just cam to mind.

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    Because it has nothing to do with the smear campaign Newsweek has written about her. If Newsweek wants to smear her, why not show a picture of her on the campaign trail? They even photoshopped her into the Oval Office.

    The caption is even a rip off from "The Sound of Music".

    The whole cover is a rip off and a fraud.

    What Newsweek is doing is trying to boost their dropping subscriptions by trying to portray Palin as some sex object instead of focusing on her accomplishments.

    The photo was fine for a fitness magazine but not appropriate for their smear piece.

  • Kim
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    Maybe it is sexist and maybe Newsweek is less than objective, but I think Palin would do well to let others complain about the treatment she receives (people like you, thank you). She needs to seem tough if she want to lead, and I think she is tougher than she acts. It is one thing when someone targets her kids and I think most people agreed with her anger at Letterman, but I think she should shrug off any effort by a hostile press to portray her in a way she doesn't like. Don't get mad; get even (by staying on topic and not being distracted by every petty insult). She seems to like Hillary Clinton personally, but she should remember how much good it did Hillary to complain about misogyny when she could have been convincing voters that she can ignore the petty attacks and promote her vision for America.

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    A large part of why she is so revered in public is because of her "portfolio" How many times have you heard people say "she's just hot". OR the answer some men have given when asked why they would vote for her, "she's hot". Reference the first thoughts you have of Palin and see what comes to mind first, looks or brains.

    The photo was meant to accent her desirable feminine features. The tight figure flattering outfit, along with her make up and styled hair, Isn't that sexist on her part? Do women not go jogging in sweats and T shirts? If the photo is not sexist in one magazine it cant be in another.

    Newsweek used that photo on the pretense that a large percentage of americans associate Palin as being great looking and definitely not for her political mind. With her famous interview and her recent championing of the "death panels" that were proved to be ludicrous spouting of propaganda with no factual backing, it is sufficient to conclude she has not much political muscle to flex.

    Again, ask around. What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of Palin? Surprise me by finding out more than 20% reference her with outstanding policy ideas and orator capabilities as apposed to what I like to call "Polaroid influence."

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    Didn't she take a camera crew to aerobics class? I know I've seen a clip of that recently and I don't see any difference between that and this.

    When I first saw this pic I was honestly a bit more bothered by her use of the flag. I also wondered which of her handlers thought this was a good idea. Of course, nothing will ever be as fun as watching her pardon a turkey while another is stuffed in a grinder over her shoulder.

    I'm not sure I would say this is sexist, but it's not really something I want to see in somebody I am supporting for President. Since I will NEVER vote for Palin, I don't think it's a big deal.

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    Newsweek, like the rest of the biased media and newspapers, want to discredit her at every opportunity because they do not like her and are scared of her. They have never done that to Obama.

    I am not a fan of Palin but if you want to be a legitimate newspaper/magazine then show some professionalism and objective journalism. It is clear they want to depict her as a backwards and dumb brunette.

    She has made her mistakes in the campaign but she is not dumb. If you really want to attack her then wait until she is asked legitimate questions on illegal immigration, taxation, war in Iraq, aid to third world countries, national defense, health care, and federal regulation of Wall Street. If she answers with spin answers or evades the questions then you can attack her based on hard facts.

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    She also says the picture is wildly out of context....do you think she's justified there?

    The picture was for a shoot she did a while back for Runner's World (she is an avid runner) and is within the context of that article. You're telling me Newsweek could find no other, more suitable photos of her in their vast archives?

    So then the question remains: For what qualities was the picture selected by the editors? Perhaps "sexist" is debatable but certainly there was an effort on the part of Newsweek to make her appear less than credible from a political standpoint.

  • Anonymous
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    Sexist? The photo shows her legs!

    The picture is great!

    She will be happy with in when she is in her 50's!

    Palin is just not ready for the big time world of politics.

    She is more ready for Playboy or someting of that nature.

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    Sarah Palin and Newsweek are in a symbiotic relationship. Sarah is selling books and Newsweek is selling magazines.

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    Bashing the media, any media, even over stupid $hit like this helps Palin. The right wing base of the republican party, her target audience to sell this book and to further any future political aspirations, is convinced the media is out to get them. So they eat this kind of stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner, while watching Fox News fulminate about it.

    It's also a lot easier for her to attack the picture than the article, which examines the risk her popularity with the base poses for the party. She must already sense that risk after being shunned in NJ and VA and blowing up NY-23.

  • Jen
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    1 decade ago

    It's amazing that Sarah Palin believes the Newsweek photo is sexist given the fact that she pranced around in $150,000 worth of designer women’s clothes during last years presidential campaign.

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