Want to start motocross....?

I really i mean REALLY want to start motocross i need to know how much the bike and equipment will cost all together... please and thank you!!

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    What type of bike will suit you depends upon your age, weight and height but you could look at the crf150r as that is a 4 stroke mx race bike and unless you are tall could suit your needs.



    These site show tracks so have a look at ones in your area and then contact them to enquiry about just what you have to do to get involved and attend practice days and eventually race.

    Make sure you attend a lot of practice days before you attempt to race so you are used to the track and faster riders coming up from behind. If you can find someone to train with then that will help you out a lot. Preferably someone better than you so you can get tips from them and follow them into jumps to gauge speed.

    This site is also helpful with hints on how to do things http://www.dirt-bike-tips-and-pics.com/i…

    Make sure you invest in good mx gear and a good helmet. If you can afford it a leatt brace is a good idea.

    Spend a little extra to take the bike to a suspension specialist as having the correct suspension on the bike will make a big difference to how it handles and the suspension needs to be set up to suit your weight.

    Always have your eyes and ears open as learning what tyre is suitable for what track and what line is best to take is something that can be learnt from other riders. Watch races prior to your own to see what gate position consistently comes out on top and what line is the fastest.

    To find out how to join in race go along to your local track as those there will be able to help you with that information.

    Go online to the governing body of motorsport in your country and read up on the rules specific to your country so you know exactly what to do in any situation whether that is a flag being waved at you or another rider infringing upon you.

    But to get involved is really just taking the first step to attend practice days and once you get to know a few people at the track all the rest will just fall into place. Motocross is really getting a lot bigger for the girls with heaps more involved and enjoying the sport so I am sure you will find some other girls to ride with and then you can use their experience to help you along the way.

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    The dirt bike depending on what year you want will range anywhere from 6,400- 7,200 (Preferably go with the newest year out such as the new 2010's the Honda CRF250 is great, the new 2010 KX 250f is just as good if not better.) Plus tax, licensing etc will probably be about another 600. The gear incluing jersey,pants and gloves are anywhere from 100-300 depending on brand and design. The boots range from 80-500. Gaerne sg12's are the hottest on the market and the best bang for your buck they have great ankle protection but the best range of movement. The google go for 20-60. Spy's and Scott are the best, foam stays in tact, lenses last quite a while. Helmets range from 100-500. Fox and Shoei make some of the best. I suggest getting a leatt brace which range from 200-600 (the moto gpx sport is the best) Knee Braces are a must you never know how important they are until you end up with messed up knee's. This is a very expensive sport but, the most rewarding. If you want more information on after market parts email me and I'll help you out the best I can.

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    brand new bike usually around 7000 unless your going small then probably 5000, those are the averages from shops around where i live. You could find a used bike tho which are usually ready to race for a decent price, most 125s 2 strokes are 1500 giver take 250 two stroke around 2000-2500, the newer 250f's used are a little more, your lookin at 3000-4000. well after you get the bike out of the way, now you need gear, all the brands are relatively close in price, pants are around 100 jersey 20-40 gloves 20-30 boots are around 200, and the most important the helmet, atleast 100, dont skimp on the helmet, it can save your life. Motocross is a very expensive sport, the bike and gears only half of it, to get to races you need a traier, a truck or van or something that can haul a trailer, money for the races, for your tires, handle bars, and really good insurance.

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    I don't have the information you need as far as how much things cost but I can tell you that I have a website you can take a look at that will help you with some things that are good to know.

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    IT REALLY DEPENDS on what kind of bikes... etc. It's not cheap either. Off-road bikes tend to be a little cheaper if you aren't competing.





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    this is going to take a lot of money, my friend races 90cc quads and has 15 grand (U.S.A) into his quad, so if you wanna win, you need money into your vehicle. plus you need gear, tips, transportation, and racing fuel. racing fuel is a lot of money. you can get sponsers to help you. i hope this helps.

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